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hi everybody! :D

It's confession time....I haven't been to Kusadasi since 1998!!! I know, I can't believe it either!

And......I'm not going while next year :cry: but I am counting down the days and reading all the messages keeps me sane!

So, I have been wondering, what's changed? I have seen from the photo's that it looks pedestrianised near ladies beach. When I was last there it was a busy road!

Sounds like some of the bars have the same names, paradise and authentic and I'm glad to hear the limon bar is still there. Is there still a yorkshire bar? Happy centre?

Also, when I was last there all I did was dance and drink. Now I am older and wiser :lol: I might eat some food so where are the good restaurants (I'm talking Turkish food here)

Thanks! Tracyxx
Tracy Kusadasi has changed a lot since 1998. The road at the ladies beach has become a street just as similar as the post office street. Yorkshire bar is still alive. Limon bar is the same. For Turkish food you can try Avlu Restaurant. The public beach at the centrum has changed a lot and it is much much better now. We have a new channel in the centrum so that the rain would reach the sea with out giving the shops a dammage. There is a gas station where the Temple Disco was. I mean the Temple has closed. There are lots more changes. You have to come see it.

Hope to see you back in Kusadasi