Hiya my name is Nicola.
I have never been to kusadasi before but i am very excited it looks gorgeous and evry one seems so friendly!
If any one can tell me anything about aqua fantasy hotel i would be very greatful!
I live in England near newcastle and i work as a travel agent! Every one who i book to kusadasi say it is a lovely place to go.
Hope to read more of your comments.
Nicola xXxXxXxXx :cheesy:


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Hi Nicola,
welcome to the site...you will find a lot of useful information on here about Kusadasi, and any questions you have, please ask...someone will be able to help you out!!!

Thanks Claire i will, every one is so nice in here! i am so glad that i found this site, i am going to cyprus in a couple of weeks but now only wish it was kusadasi!!! :(

Nicola x*X*x