Turkish cuisine, introduction

The Turkish cuisine is very rich, and has its roots in many traditions. Also it is based on the vast quantities of different ingredients the rich earth provides, not to forget the sea.
A meal may consist of a choice of soups, meze (starters), pastries (borek) filled with meat, cheese, vegatables, stuffed vine leaves (dolma), roasted meat dishes (kebab and kofte), rice dishes (pilav) and vegetables cooked in olive oil. The meal will be concluded by sweets, milkpudding and very sweet pastries whith a large quantity of honey. To stay awake, have the Turkish coffee, sweet and strong. It is prepared with finely ground coffee in a special long-handled little pot "cezve'. The sugar is already added, so you don't get a spoon: the coffeegrinds have to settle in the botom of the glass, then you can taste it. Brrr, strong.

Tomorrow, or tonight, I'll give you the recipe of my favourite soup, Yayla Corbasi, yoghurt soup. You need (for 6 servings) 8 glasses meat or chicken stock (tablet is okay with me), 80 gr flour, 80 gr rice, 3 glasses yoghurt, 2 egg yolks, 3 tablespoons butter and, this is the secret of the specific taste, 2 tablespoons dried mint.

Till later. (I cannot make the special letters used in the Turkish alphabet, but my intentions are nevertheless sincere!)
On with the yoghurt soup

Boil the rice in the 8 glasses of meat or chicken stock, on low heat. Beat the yoghurt with the egg-yolks and the flour. While you stirr constantly add 2 glasses of the boiling stock and mix it well. Add this into the pot with the rice and bouillon. Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Melt the butter in a little pan and add the mint, let it on 1 minute on low flame. Pour it over the soup, and, taste. Nice with croutons, little cubes of wite bread baked in olive oil. :razz: