Turkish Poetry

I buy old clothes.
I buy old clothes and cut them into stars.
Music is the food of love.
I love music.

I write poetry.
I write poetry and buy old clothes.
I sell old clothes and buy music;
If I could also be a fish in a bottle of booze...

Orhan Veli Kanik
(1914, Istanbul - November 14, 1950, Istanbul)

I shall not ask you not to go.
You're cold, take my coat.
These are the loveliest hours of the day.
Stay at my side.

I shall not ask you not to go.
Still, you know the best.
Lies if you wish, lies I shall tell.
Your feelings would be hurt.

I shall not ask you not to go,
But do not go Lavinia.
I shall keep your name..
You too, don't know, Lavinia.

Ozdemir ASAF (1923-1981)
The Walnut Tree

my head foaming clouds, sea inside me and out
I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park
an old walnut, knot by knot, shred by shred
Neither you are aware of this, nor the police

I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park
My leaves are nimble, nimble like fish in water
My leaves are sheer, sheer like a silk handkerchief
pick, wipe, my rose, the tear from your eyes
My leaves are my hands, I have one hundred thousand
I touch you with one hundred thousand hands, I touch Istanbul
My leaves are my eyes, I look in amazement
I watch you with one hundred thousand eyes, I watch Istanbul
Like one hundred thousand hearts, beat, beat my leaves

I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park
neither you are aware of this, nor the police

Nazim Hikmet
I Love You
I kneel down: I look at the earth,
the grass,
little stems blooming with blues.
You are like the spring earth, my love,
I'm looking at you.
I lie on my back: I see the sky,
the branches of a tree,
storks on the wing,
a waking dream.
You are like the spring sky, my love,
I see you.
At night I light a campfire: I touch fire,
You are like a fire lit beneath the stars,
I touch you.
I go among people: I love people,
struggle .
You are one person in my struggle,
I love you.

Nazim Hikmet

Does anyone know where I could find this poem in turkish on the net? It seems to me it might be on the web page http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Lights/3006/nazimtur02.htm. The problem - I don't know turkish.


Seviyorum seni
ekmegi tuza banip yer gibi
Geceleyin atesler içinde uyanarak
agzimi dayayip musluga su icer gibi
Agir posta paketini
neyin nesi belirsiz
telasli, sevincli, kuskulu acar gibi
Seviyorum seni
denizi ilk defa ucakla gecer gibi
Istanbul'da yumusacik kararirken ortalik
icimde kimildayan birseyler gibi
Seviyorum seni
Yasiyoruz cok sukur der gibi.


It is not the same one this is also real good.
Perfect Love

I am not gonna tell you not to go any more
You are already ready for it.
Take everything with you
Our memories, our hopes... Take my love as well, you may need it.

I think I shall not say a word.
But I have to.
I have to tell you something you don't know...
About me.

Yes, about me that you thought you knew about.
You have always seen my peevish times
But I was a very compliant boy.
I don't know what made me rough some times.

I loved all of the colors
Even if I protected one of them.
I also loved all the seasons.
Actualy there are a lot of things that I love
Except the fights and the wars.
And the farewells no matter why.

I wish you lived my harmonious times.
But you always came to me on my killing times
Or you killed me.

I always looked far at my compliant times
With the space that could never be filled in side of me.
I waited for a ship that would come from the sea.
Then I looked at the stars for years.
Later on... a star that I thought it was you.

I met women, men, children and cities.
I loved most of them.
I also had loves
Loves that I could die for
But I loved you the most.

And now you are leaving.
Go on... The angel inside me will pray for you.

I think I won't be depressed on this good-bye
Has your father died?
This good-bye can't be worse than death.

I don't know which one is right
To stay still after leting you go
Or wait till I fall a sleep and let me wake with out you.

Go now
No, don't go
I mean go but cover me first.
Let me lie down and turn the lights off and leave.

Go now
No, don't go
I mean go but turn the lights on.
I am afraid of dark.

Being without you and the dark
This is too much to handle for me.
Don't even cover me.
This care is too much for me.

Leave all the lights on.
There is a pain inside me
Go how ever you want to.

Wait... Listen to this carefully.
I am saying it again
And for the last time.
I love you.
I will cry after you
That this was a perfect love
It was a perfect love that I grew in me.
I have no idea about what you lived about me.

Still... my heart met it,
Grew a perfect love for you
I am not regreted.

This heart feels a pain every night
Gets filled with sorrow and thinks about you.
Now you are far away.
Who knows where you are.
Rather come back or don't
I am with you.

Still... my heart met it.
Grew a perfect love for you
I am not regreted.


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