Turkey Road Trip


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Well we started off in Didim around 10am and drove to ören via Milas, There does not seem to be any building of this new Disney world.

The above is Akbuk about 20 miles from ören, the road here is quite difficult many pot holes, but after Akbük a fine road but very winding and steep in places, it follows the coast till you get to Akyaka

The above shows the intersection south to Mammaris, which is the one we took, ending up in Içmeler, at the Uysen apart otel at £20 a night, air con, kitchen double bed two separate rooms. So we decided to stay 2 nights. We went out to eat at the Tin Tin a café/bar beer 3tl and nice food. Usage 40tl in fuel.

Wednesday 27/5/09
Woke this morning at about 5.30am, could not sleep it was still quite hot, Içmeler is surrounded by hills therefore there is little breeze. Had a wash and walked down to the beach to catch the sun rising.

As you can see it came up at 6.07am, I sat there for quite a while till just after 8am then went back for a shower and shave. We were going to try an English breakfast (4tl) but decided on a couple of Simit’s from the local bakery, Susan don’t like bacon and eggs in a morning.
So off we went to Mammaris to get petrol (50tl) there does not appear to be any garages in Içmeler. We then went on to the Datça road but left it at the Bozburun turn off. The road is very winding and follows the coast road, there are quite a few marina’s along the way around Selimiye

the above picture shows Orhaniye

A nice quite unspoiled village, as yet.

This is Bozburun

to get back and complete the circular tour you need to go back around five miles to the Bayir turn off, this is a single track road with passing places, but not many, you think you are going to enter a quarry but just keep going and eventually you come to a T junction, turn left there is a rusty sign post opposite, if you turn right you end up a a village called Taşlica, and have to do a u turn. So we turned left, continue along this road till you come to a side road to the right this leads to the sea coast village of çilik,

you can only go back from here, then continue down the very steep road to Bayir

and back to Içmeler

This completes ours second days holiday, we just had a few pints and some food.

Thursday 28/5/09
We left Icmeller heading for Fethiye, There is snow on the mountains

but took a wrong turn and decided to continue to Salikent gorge,


I took loads of pictures here, but decided to put this link on instead, which is the largest and deepest and runs for 18K. We stayed the night in Kalkan at the Oz pension

the price was 60tl which included breakfast, which took some eating. There are a lot of steps in the pension, so not good for people with walking difficulties.

Friday 29/5/09
I took these this morning of Kalkan

We had breakfast then set off for Kas. On the way we stopped at Kaputas, there is a gorge running into the sea and a small white sandy beach, a gullet was just arriving

We then went onto Kaş, it was market day and quite busy, pictures are of the harbour,

We did not stop as no where to park, picture of steep hill on the exit road

This next one shows the island of Meis, (pic 2193).

This is the last island you can go to renew your visa and the crossing is only 20 minuets. We went thought Demre (better known as (Kale))

where St Nicolas (father Christmas) is buried presumably, It was the Russians who ran off with his body in the 1800’s, but his grave is still there. The next place was Finike which has a very long beach

We then went through the small town of Kumluca, where there is lot’s of building going on and modernizing existing apartments. We then went on to Olympos, there are many tree house pensions here, we counted over 60

and it was very commercialised. I walked up to the entrance to the ruins, but it was much too hot as it was after 2pm, entrance would have been 10TL. We then went onto çirali which was like Oludenez before it got commercialised. We found a small pension and camp site called Sahil pension, it is 50TL including breakfast. The beach here is small pebbles, but has sand further back, it is very hot, much hotter than Didim, we are just sat outside having a few cans of Efes. We are going out for a meal later tonight, Susan fancies the Kalamari 14Tl but only if it’s fresh, it was and very nice too. We put on the air con then went to bed.

Saturday 30/5/09
After breakfast we left around 9.30am heading for Antalya, on the way the road goes through a few tunnels, most don’t have the lights on, it makes it so difficult to see, a good job there are only short. We stopped at Kemer a massive marina with some very expensive boats in. (pic), then on to Antalya, this place is a bloody nightmare, after passing the university hospital twice trying to find the town centre, we headed for the only place that we new, which was Isparta, there were three lanes of heavey traffic for over 5 miles, Isparta is 100K away so off we went. It is a good road the 650 with little traffic, we were hoping we could get onto the 350 which goes to Denizli, but no luck there, Signposts are very far and few between. We left Isparta on the 685 heading for Dinar, then on to Denizli, and Pumukkale, this place has changed a lot since our first visit in 2003, where we parked the car then, now there is a massive wild life park and pond, we were just stopped by the side of the road when a guy on a scooter pulls up asking if we are looking for a pension, I thought here we go another rip off merchant, but no he took us to his mother and fathers pension, very nice with a pool which is filled every 10 days by the water from the thermal springs. The room had air con and plenty of hot water, we stayed there for an evening meal, soup to start then grilled chicken meat balls and salad, the room was 50TL we had four bottles beer and the meal which was ( 75 TL). After breakfast we set off for Aydin.

Sunday 31/5/09
We paid our bill and headed for Aydin which is 130K. We stopped at Forum Aydin this is a new out of town shopping complex the goods on sale are genuine, Susan got some perfume and me a CD from a shop a bit like waterstones in the UK, which sells English books and DVD's. We were hoping to stop in Selcuk, but we rang ahead and it was full. (you lot were all there), so we stayed in Kusadasu at the Yorkshire apart otel (50tl) which is on the new market street. The market as now been put mack it it's former glory by the new mayor (CHP party) and is on a Wednesday.

Monday 1/6/09
We left after a free breakfast, which was unexpected Tel Mehmet 0256 612 9441. We stopped at the Soke outlet at Tenzek to get an electric mossies machine, and some speakers for the PC (46 and 18tl) we also got a brolly and stand for 30tl.

All in all it has been a real good week, looking forward to our next holiday in October.

Car booked in Febuary 10 days £160 from Love tours( ring billy 0533 332 75 79 or e-mail bilal_avcidir@hotmail.com
Accommodation 7 nights 350tl
petrol 350tl
food and beer around 500tl
other goods bought around 300tl
We did around 1700K or 1000 miles

We have hundreds of picture's we took, email me if you want them.

We had a great holiday at home, at no time did we get any hassle, all the pensions were very good, it is about 5 degrees hotter than here,

Would we do it again, you bet.


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Wow!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your holiday details and pictures with us, excellent Glynn...it looks like you had a great time exploring!
Wow, looks fab!!! What great photos looks really beautiful. Thank you so much, given me ideas for trips out when I move over there.
I like the look of Kas. This summer I will take my daughter for a few days. You said there was nowhere to park. I wonder if there are car parks at the back of the resort?
Glad you both had a nice holiday and thanks for taking the time to post this information.


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I love the photo of Kaputas beach...looks beautiful. Will definitely stop there if I'm ever down that way again. I love the coastline between Marmaris and Fethiye; a lot greener and prettier than further north.

Thanks for a great post Glynn. :)


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Glynn, what a post, thanks for sharing. Your pics are fantastic, its a gorgeous insight into your journey.

Loved the sun rising pic, its fabby!
Thats fantastic thank you puwer, you have given us some great ideas thanks for listing the costs thats a great help for anyone wanting to do this thanks again.


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This pictures shows the ancient site of Tios around 40K from Fethiye,

Some man made waterfalls and a massive fresh water fish farm

Below is Salikent gorge

If you think it was easy to cross, you are well mistaken, and it is freezing

One of the small steams running out of the mountain

and another one

You will not get a sun tan down here

This is çirali, close to Olimpos.

ölüdeniz was like this 20 years ago