Hello - Car Hire ?!

Hi eveyone, just new to this site and looking for some assistance please :)

Wonder if anyone knows where i can hire a car resonably priced for 6 weeks, have tried a few website located in Izmir airport, but they dont seem to be giving discounts for hiring more than 2 weeks.

I am looking to hire a car either frim Izmir or Bergama for 6 weeks july to august time.

Your help would be appreciated, Regards

Hi Stace welcome to the forum, try hire car on the moneysupermarket.com website got car hire for 10days for £201 with Atlas with an upgrade to a medium size car.:)
Hi Stace although i booked atlas car hire through moneysupermarket.com, the partner who met us at Izmir airport was Proper Car www.propercar.com tel no (0232)251 88 89. Just maybe you will get a better quote direct. Flat rate paid through Atlas was 20.75 Euro per day for a Renault Clio Sedan