Atelier Cybele Pottery Kusadasi

i hope this is all right to post, recently a Turkish friend told me that you can make your own pottery in Kusadasi, sounds fun doesnt it! i haven't been to the Atelier Cybele shop yet, but know it's somewhere past the police station near Kaleici. Has anyone else been? this is the only information i can find about it.

The artist Sibel Alpaslan was born in the heart of Anatolya in Turkey in 1973. Following a BA in ceramics at a leading Turkish University and an MA she opened a studio and shop ‘Atelier Cybele’ in the popular Aegean holiday centre of Kusadasi on the west coast of Turkey. There she and her family produce an eclectic mix of interesting handmade pottery from local clay. Sibel’s designs range from modern through the Ottoman Empire to those inspired by the classical worlds of Hittite, Greek and Roman with the ever present influence of nearby Ephesus and her own Anatolian heritage. Sibel’s signature pieces are the male and female torsos which are available in different sizes - as wall plaques or freestanding statues.

She has had many happy customers over the years who are proud owners of their own unique items such as plates, plaques, amphora and with doorways with a specially made number or name. Go and visit if you are in Kusadasi they are in the old part of the town and you would be assured of a typically warm Turkish welcome. There are many more designs – too many to show here and until her website is up and running if you have something in mind email me and we can see if we have what you are looking for - if not Sibel will undertake commissions based on your own design or one created for you in her Turkish studio – just convo me to start the discussion.

The local Turkish clay is fired at very high temperatures to make it frost proof and in most cases is left unglazed to show off its natural beauty.
Luce Hi,

Atelier Cybele is further along off Ataturk Boulevard beyond the police and school. Turn in right before you reach the old stone wall and they are in the second street back from Ataturk.

It certainly is a family business. Mum, Cybele, who I thought was "THE" Cybele as I did not know the name of the daughter until your posting. They have an outlet at Pine Bay resort and another sibling is running that. Dad is also there. His fuction appears to be "greeter", a huge ammount of PR and offering chai to start a sale, to rejuvenate a flagging sale and finally when a sale is secured! In between times the shop computer and smoking takes a lot of his time. I have yet to see him handle raw clay or even the finished product. The ladies run the show and they are delightful and very good at it.

They are a lovely family and I have bought from them two unique, individual plaques for the villa and some of their beautiful torsos. They create inspired products far removed from the cups, plates and bowls that are the stock-in-trade for most non-creative potters with potter's wheels.

Take a visit you will see their products being created in the street in front of the store.

If you decide to make your own "master-piece" have fun.

It's a fantastic place, and the family are so friendly. We often call in for a chat. If you have any particular design in mind they can certainly come up with the finished item. My wife took a picture of one of my electric guitars there, and now i have a ceramic Fender hanging up. Cooool
this is alovely place we visited this shop last year and the lady was so friendly and gave my chloe a lovely present of her starsign, she has some lovely pieces and we seen some of her work for sale on e bay too. we bought a lovely piece which my hubby put beside our front door and everyone asks where we got it,:)