When to take a Turkish bath

I always thought you should take a Turkish bath at the start of your holiday to prepare your skin to get a nice tan. However I read on another thread here that you shouldn't do this as your skin is sensitive for a few days after! Which is right? I know last time I was in Turkey we didn't go until the middle of our holiday and it took my tan off completely! Help!

Oh, and can kids go in with you? We have an eight year old that I'd like to take in if possible - he needs a good scrub! :)


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i have always gone on the first day of my holiday, it takes of all your dead skin, so will leave you with nice fresh skin ready to be gloriously tanned :) (& as its new skin, you should keep your tan longer - that is as long as you dont over do it & burn)

My skin has never been sensitive after having a Turkish bath, they only use natural olive oil products, so you shouldnt be left with any red ness.

Not sure about taking in kids, im going to Turkey in 3 weeks time & will have a 5 year old with us.. we wondered the same thing.


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yes you can take kids in, I have seen babies in there before.

I prefer to have the turkish bath at the start of the holiday, rid the dead skin cells and take a great tan!

I went at the start of my holiday that is what i got told to do on the forum and it worked it helped me get a better tan i came back ages ago and im still fairly brown.:)
The start of your holidays for the reasons above and because it gets rid off all your stress and as its exfoliating it makes you feel like you've shed all the city dirt and pollution.


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becauseDitto to the above. It's better to visit the hamam at the beginning of your holiday, it cleans out your pores and dead skin will be scrubbed away so will get a much better tan. Enjoy it, it's so relaxing. :smile:
hi i woke up 9 days into my holiday and found i had started to pel on my shoulders and chest so i jumped on the dolmus and went to the turkish bath in the bazzar centrum i didnt book with anyone just turned up after a good scrub and soap massage i returned to carry on lazing around the beach and pool and the peeling had disapeared and didnt peel again