Kusadasi or Bodrum?

Hey everyone!

I've never been to Kusadasi or Bodrum but i like the look and sound of them both. I'm getting abit ahead of myself, a good friend and me have been doing lots of research about going for just about 2 months next year. I'm starting to jot down some things on what we should do during our stay there and thats how i found this website. I'm still trying to decide where to go Bodrum or Kusadasi or half and half?? what do you suggest?

I don't think you could go wrong with doing half and half. At least then you can experience both places and get the chance to do things in the other place that another might not have :)
Half and half sounds like the way to go but Kusadasi is much cheaper than Bodrum we went there for a break last week and we found the prices higher than Kusadasi, something to keep in mind.


Kusadasi is typically Turkish and a working town.
Bodrum on the other hand is not typically Turkish, although very nice (much nicer years ago), you could be in Spain or Portugal as it has a more western mediterrean feel.
I am sure many will disagree with my opinion, but this is my input.


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this is a kusadasi forum so everyone is kusadasi fans
i have never been to bodrum but several friends have and all had good things to say about the place
since i am now into double figures of holidays to kusadasi i would say kusadasi as it suits me for what i want from a holiday
kusadasi is the place to be but what i would suggest if u want to do half and half is do kusadasi and gumbet it is much nicer than bodrum and between kusadasi and gumbet you would deffinatly have an amazing time hope this helps


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Kusadasi and Bodrum are very different and I love Bodrum, It's very picturesque with a view of white-washed houses and beautiful cascading Bougainvillea, but most people I know prefer Kusadasi.

I will try and compare Bodrum and in Kusadasi in some areas for you...(Seeing as this is a forum about Kusadasi, I have added related Kusadasi links to threads that will give you an idea of what it's like...)

There's no denying the Bodrum nightlife is great, they have a Bar Street that runs along the sea front (expensive, but much nicer than Kusadasi Bar Street) with bars pumping different tunes, you have 2 of the most famous clubs in Turkey - Halikarnas and Catamaran, you also have bars and beach bars scattered around the town. The resort of Gumbet is 10 minutes away from Kusadasi, hate the place, but it's basically made up of 2-3 streets full of bars and restaurants.

The Kusadasi nightlife is varied - You have Bar Street which is full of faux Irish bars, but they are alot of fun and good for a night out, they don't close until around 4-5am, and during high season they are packed.

Then there's Kaleici which is the old town. It's full of narrow streets with bars hidden everywhere, it's much cheaper to drink here than on Bar Street.

Ladies Beach is like a resort in itself, there's lots of bars/restaurants along the promenade.

In the Ege Port shopping center you have Biraver bar which is very popular with people, and along the Marina road you have nice restaurants and bars such as Dejazar Wine Bar.

There is one ''beach'' in Bodrum..it is not sandy and gets very full. You'd need to jump on the dolmus to nearby areas such as Bitez and Gumbet to find sandy beaches.

Kusadasi has loads of beaches. So you'll be spoilt for choice. Ladies Beach, Long Beach, Kustur Beach, Green beach, downtown beach...the list is endless and they are all reachable on a dolmus/walking depending on where you're staying. There's also a National Park located at Guzelcamli which hosts some of the best beaches in the area, it's definitely worth the journey there on the dolmus. The sea is crystal clear and it's a very beautiful area. On the way there is also a cave with natural mineral water where you can swim (it's freeezing though!)

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Bodrum has one small waterpark, near Gumbet but Kusadasi has 3. Two of which are huge and very popular with all ages. They make for a nice day out, and at Adaland you can swim with the dolphins.

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Bodrum has lots of nice restaurants, especially down near the beautiful Marina but I feel there's a lot more choice in Kusadasi. Planet Yucca and Saray are the most popular tourist places, their menu's serve a wide range of food. There's live music at Planet Yucca, and lots of dancing at the Saray. Dejazar Wine Bar near Kusadasi Marina and lots of Turkish restaurants around the town that are much cheaper if you're on a budget.

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There are the same sort of excursions in both resorts - jeep safari, Pamukkale,
Horse riding, Turkish night, Turkish bath's, boat trips, Pamukkale....
In Bodrum you have the Castle of St Peter museum with great sea views, an interesting Byzantine shipwreck hall and spooky dungeons. In Kusadasi you have Ephesus, Selcuk, Sirince and The National Park.

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Bodrum has a weekly market and lots of shops tourist and upmarket shops scattered around the town, there's also a shopping center called Oasis which has a good choice of shops. My favourite shops in Bodrum sells the most beautiful fish figured ceramics, glass and oil paintings. It's definately worth checking out as they do some lovely presents to take home with you. :)

More Info:Fish Painter of Bodrum

In Kusadasi you have the Wednesday Market, that sells clothes and handbags and other textiles. Then in Selcuk (a town 20 minutes away) you have a market on a Saturday which is well worth going to. You have the tourist shops, as well as the upmarket designer stores located near the Port. There's also a shopping outlet just outside Kusadasi called Flora and in Soke which you can get to on a dolmus.

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I like both resorts, but Kusadasi just has that *something* special. You could do half and half but if you go to Kusadasi first you might find it hard to leave. You could always go to one of the resorts for a few days, there's a direct bus running a couple of times a day.

Have a great time wherever you choose. :smile:
Kusadasi every time. I have never been on holiday to bodrum but we have gone to meet my friend who was on holiday there we stayed one night...when we got back to Kusadasi it felt like being home. Don't get me wrong....we found Bodrum very easy on the eye with the sugar cube houses, but i'll take Kusadasi warts and all.


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For me it's Kusadasi everytime and has been every year since 1993. I went to Bodrum a few years ago (around 2001 I think) to visit my friend. I found it to be quite enclosed especially in the main shopping area whereas Kusadasi is more spread out - as Fleur says it is a working town and whilst it is described in travle brchures as a cosmopolitan resort (which it is) it is still very Turkish. The 2 resorts are only a couple of hours apart by coach (coach travel in Turkey is great - clean, comfortable, cheap and hospitable) so easily accesible if you decde to change your minds at any point but for me I'd use Kusadasi as my base and travel from there as there is so much to see and do in teh surrounding areas - Selcuk, Sirince, Kirazli, Ephesus, National Park, Izmir. Whatever you decide have a fabulous time
i did a two center holiday that got both places in.3 days in gumbet(bodrum if you prefer),ands a week in kusadasi.i flew into bodrum and out of Izmir.got a bus from bodrum to kus for 45tl for all four of us.bit of an adventure as well.
another thing you may want to consider is the heat.its much hotter in bodrum than kusadasi.
Thank you so much you are all very helpful. im still undecided about it because they both sound like resorts i want to stay in so maybe we will opt for half and half.

Do you have to book hotels well in advance or could we book as and when we need to for a night or a week? that might be better for us as then we could go wherever the mood takes us instead of being tied down because of bookings.

k u s a d a s i! it depends what you want from your holiday because they are very different places but i prefer kusadasi to anywhere ive ever been, but if you want to see as much as you can then half and half sounds good for you because then you can see everything in the kusadasi area and the bodrum area.
We have finally booked our holiday we are going to kusadasi and from there we will go t Bodrum for a day or maybe more depending on how we feel when we get there. We are there for 2 months so we will have plenty of time to do whatever we want.

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Bubbly brunette;233535 said:
Hey everyone!

I've never been to Kusadasi or Bodrum but i like the look and sound of them both. I'm getting abit ahead of myself, a good friend and me have been doing lots of research about going for just about 2 months next year. I'm starting to jot down some things on what we should do during our stay there and thats how i found this website. I'm still trying to decide where to go Bodrum or Kusadasi or half and half?? what do you suggest?

I can advise u to go to Kusadasi, because Bodrum is the place for the rich Turkish people and very expensive! I can recommanded Kusadasi. Its a nice small city, with good accommodations and payable. Have good and healthy air. There is lot to see around Kusadas, so as Ephesus, Mother Mary, Sirince the oldest village in Turkey( and famous of wine) Mili Park is 1 of the biggest National Park of Turkey and the water on their beaches are clear blue( You feel yourselve in Paradise) Than the city Kusadasi have a nice friday vegetable market and tuesday clotches market famous by the tourists. Kusadasi have the Aqua Fantasy swimming paradise and 1 more outside the city. They are 2 of the 5 in Europe. Lot to do in this beautiful city. Also the city center is beautiful with lot shops, restaurants, jwelery's because the Cruis Liners coming here every day! To much to tell!

I am from Holland and live here now 3 1/2 year and love this place. Bodrum I have been in 2004, but not my place. All there is 1 1/2 times more expencive than here.

Wish you good luck with planning your holiday time!

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I have found good deals to Kusadasi and Bodrum for a fortnight at the end of August, im still trying to decide where to go as both resorts look like they have a lot to offer. I've heard Bodrum is the playground of the rich Turkish society, does that reflect on tourist prices? is Kusadasi cheaper? thank you in advance.