Review For Lion Hotel, Kusadasi

well sorry this is late but i just had to give a review on the lion hotel . well i will start with the rooms the were very clean and spacious and the veiws from the balcony were amazing ur mini bar was stocked with minerals big bottle of water and small bottle of water 2 cans of efes and 2 cans of carlsberg or heiniken im not quiet sure and a few chocolate bars and the prices were so reasonable it was 3tl for the beers and 2.5 tl for the minerals the rooms were cleaned everyday and always plenty of toilet roll the pools were fantastic and very relaxing area .well the staff what can i say they were amazing and treated us like family i was waiting on dry cleaning one day and the maneger rang them at 10 pm to try and get it for me they really went out of there way to make our stay a plesent one and it really was i stayed in a few hotels in kusadasi and by far this was the best one it mightened have been as fancy as the palmin but the staff made up for that and i always felt very relaxed in the hotel .it says 30 euro a week for airconditioning but we were never charged this and we were there for two from 21 june to 5 july there is only 1 bad point about this hotel and that is that its on a hill but to be honest for all the other great things about this hotel this would easily be over looked well i hope this review helps anyone thinking of staying in the lion im going back the 26th sep for 2 weeks and will be staying at this hotle again cant wait :woohoo:
when our kids were a bit younger we used to go to the club lion as outsiders a lot, me for the football and the kids for the slid and pool. its an excellent place with very pleasant staff with good prices. havent been in a while due to our newer house having a pool and me having football on our tv system but would recommend it to anyone !!!!!
hi tiny tears glad you liked it too as we did , it just has that lovely family factor that a lot of the big hotels are missing , we loved it too and cant wait to go back, :) karen