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dico said:
You girls, you are not alone here...

Hey Kusadasi-guy, organizing a date party may great for your visitors?
Dear Dico;

Unlike others, our first aim at Kusadasi.BiZ is to serving the richest informations about the town (and arround also!).

Second, we would like to provide quailty and cheap travel services ( Thats why we have choosen Sun&Fun Travel Agency).

And, We will never try to provide any crappy services and/or content. We are a sophisticated webportal and we will always provide sophisticated services and content to our visitors (Thats why we have so much history related web pages for example).

So, your quailty oriented advices will be appreciated. Now, we are generating lots of new webpages related with "vacation places in Turkey". So you will read lots of pages about Istanbul, Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Antalya ..and more.

I am so sorry about "date party" and i never organize such things. But thanks for your suggestion...
Girls are right they dominating the forum but isnt it same for rest of the things on entire world? just joking thanks for nice comments kusadasi-guy this website is gonna make difference because it is different!