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Hello all;

I would like to introduce "Virtual Library of Turkey". I am volunteer maintainer for a university institute (European University Institute, Florence, Italy = ). I am maintaining my category, "Turkey". <--

You may see further information on the website but i would like to re-write here again;

WWW VL History Central Catalogue

- This site is the World Wide Web Virtual Library History Central Catalogue. Together with its constituent indexes he's are part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library ( ) allied with the Asian Studies WWW VL (

- The original author is Dr. Lynn H. Nelson ( ) which launched on the 21st of September 1993 the first link in the WWW-Virtual Library.

- This site is now maintained by Serge Noiret and Inaki Lopez Martin at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy and is updated on a continuing basis. If you have any questions please direct your comments to them directly.

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- NEW: The Iraqi, the Palestine, the Polish and the Turkish History Indexes with the History of Slavery are new. The Australian and the Russian History indexes will be renewed soon like European Medieval History. European Integration, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia history indexes are already renewed. Search Engines and Internet History are updated on a weekly basis. In general the old Kansas index is now redirecting to this site and single pages are sistematically updated.


You can send email to me for recommending a sophistaced website about Turkey - History, just email to

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