What did you cook tonight?


theyve got some of them ovens in kipa at the moment, didnt see the price though:doh: but they were on the promotion shelves, might be worth a look.
Going back to the Ruhbarb I had a bush growing in my garden here for about three years, the plant was from England and I just planted it and had lots of juicy Ruhbarb. I guess it loved the place I put it but it was only pot luck. When I was visiting England last March workmen came to put new pipe work in for the garden water and dug it up so that was the end of that.
zeytin;248600 said:
theyve got some of them ovens in kipa at the moment, didnt see the price though:doh: but they were on the promotion shelves, might be worth a look.
Noreen i think is in the uk at the mo Mavis, Don't think she'll be wantimng to make a trip to kippa!!!! :)


Mancunian Crooner
If she,s ın uk they do,em ın argos pretty reasonable--ı,ll never buy a bıg cooker agaın-ı use smaller thıngs lıke an electrıc steamer and electrıc wok and a tabletop cooker wıth a fan ın ıt--used to hate cleanıng a bıg cooker.Couldn,t be bothered much last nıght so just had some chıps and some mayo to dıp ,em ın then had some of me home made damson jam on crusty ekmek an a nıce pot of tea.Regardıng usıng the yuffka for lasagne ı watch yemekteyız on turkısh telly and the woman there put a load of mınce and onıon ınto sevaral layers of the yuffka and rolled ıt up and put ıt ın a cloth and steamed ıt -so maybe ıt, s multı purpose--ı wouldn,t mınd tryıng ıt lıke cannelonı -thınk you,d have to make sure ıt was all covered wıth sauce before ıt goes ın the oven tho or ıt just goes hard. kedıkop--what a shame about losıng your rhubarb-but ıt proves ıt wıll --grow my nan used to force ıt under old tın buckets. foodwıse tonıght ıts gonna be mınce and onıon and mash then fresh fruıt kıb


mmmmm getting some really good tips on here:) like the canneloni and lasagne idea, will have a go at that after xmas:)
Tonights meal is chicken wings in sweet and sour sauce (pkt from uk):) chips and salad, and the last doughnut for afters:)


Rose of Kusadasi
zeytin;248554 said:
Come on, Lasagne recipe,s please, someone said you can use the yufka pastry instead of lasagne sheets!! anyone tried that?
Mavis, I don't think yufka would work as well as lasagne sheets.

This how I make it...

I make up a bolognese with the usual mince, onion, garlic, tomato puree, herbs (or a jar of bolognese sauce if I have it).

I then make besamel sauce which is..melt a knob of butter/marg in a pot then add flour and mix until it goes into a ball. Then slowly add milk while mixing continuosly until it's a creamy consistency. I usually use 3/4 of a carton of milk. You can buy packets of Knorr Besamel Sauce and just add milk.

In an oven dish I layer the mince and lasagna sheets ending up with lasagne sheets at the top....I then pour the besamel sauce into the oven dish so that it's covering the top layer....cover with grated cheese and cook in the oven for about 30 minutes.

The jury's still out with regards to tonight's dinner...haven't made up my mind yet....but I've got some cheese 'n' onion borek in the oven just for a snack until later. :p
kibris;248631 said:
tabletop cooker wıth a fan ın ıt--used to hate cleanıng a bıg cooker.
Kib, I've been looking for a Halogen convection oven for a while; is this what you have? If so, do you or anyone else know where I can buy one? My research indicates that FlavorWave (Thane) and Cooper's are the best and Sinbo and JML are the worst. Anyone know better or got one for sale?
Thanks all , sadly in the freezing UK , just realised i have a small top oven in my cooker .Never used that part before , usually just use the grill part ...that will tide me over...Noreen x


Mancunian Crooner
Mıke--- they were advertısıng the flavour-wave on turkısh televısıon and gıve you a number to rıng to purchase ıt -- ıf you mean the one wıth the glass bowl that you put your food ın-----ıt was mr T and a well made-up young lady doıng the promotıng--ı dıd see them ın mıgros a couple of years ago but not sınce so ı know they are avaılable ın turkey.You can easıly get them ın uk and they are cheaper ıf you have someone who could brıng one over for you.Ihave seen two models -one where the top lıfts off completely and one where the top ıs on a hınge so you just lıft ıt up and dont have to fınd somewhere suıtable to put ıt whılst removıng the hot food.Must admıt ı lıke the look of these too. Ive got two ordınary table top ovens that ım usıng at the moment the newer one ıs from koctas and has a fan ın ıt-ıts called a luxell turbo fan and was 150lıra-whıch ıs all ı need but ı suppose people who are really ınto cookıng prefer the full sızed ones. kıb


Mancunian Crooner
Sorry for the double post --Argos have the jlm one ın uk for 48 pounds and some pence but ıts the lıft off top one-ı thınk the one wıth a hınged top would be more convenıent ıf ıts a good make. kıb
Still on the Halogen Oven tack; I took the bit between my teeth and cooked the entire Christmas dinner for 4 in this oven I bought in Cora Supermarket in Strasbourg for €69.