What did you cook tonight?



Kusadasi Kiwi
Me. Fresh cherries, followed by fresh cherries and ice cream, followed by fresh cherries steeped in some brandy. They are a very expensive treat here as they don't grow in this part but further south and are prone to lots of issues. My neighbours daughter sends them to me each year as a thank you for looking after him. I love them.
Sorry guys not been posting on this thread for a bit..the wife left for Australia on Sunday for 6 weeks over the festive period to see her 4 grandchildren..and i am just snacking out ..not worth cooking full blown meals just for myself..Merry Christmas to all..
Tonight we had lamb leg steaks with cauliflower broccoli celeriac and some sweet potato wedges. Christmas pudding with ice cream for himself and then we had some leonidas chocolates with some port. Christmas/. New year indulgence!
Our heating is on the blink so we hovered over the fire most of the day before I got up to make a bit of dinner. Hot and sour spicy prawn soup to start, then spiced beef, sweet potato wedges, red cabbage, carrot and parsnip and domed sautéed sprouts with chestnuts.
Where’s Kib these days? Has he come back from his visit to the pal in the Canaries(I think that’s where he was going) ?? I’m really missing his posts particularly his market trips - I’ve no one to envy now!