What did you cook tonight?

Mushrooms with garlic dressed with oil and lemon on a bed of spinach. Then some spiced beef with a blue cheese sauce , cauliflower, green beans and asparagus to follow. Some spicy Zinfandel to wash it down.
I made a vat of roast pepper and pumpkin soup yesterday so we had some of that with some mackerel, turnip, broccoli and puy lentils for dinner. Feeling benign despite the weather- we’re off to Malaga next week for three weeks and hopeful of some respite from the tortuous weather we’ve had since returning from Turkey last October/November. I’m looking out the window at a grey, grey day and it’s as cold as a bonamh! I also have a stressful week ahead with family problems - it never rains but it pours!
Wet on and off for quite some weeks here in Kuşadası ... now icy cold and windy ... - 1 tomorrow night! Lira around 5.27 tho B-) ...

May take a day trip by car soon to the mountains above Manisa to enjoy lunch and the snow in the National Park!!! Snow in many places here now ... Very very cold today ...
Glad I’m in Malaga where even now it’s a very respectable 17c. Going out for an evening stroll soon - dinner all prepped- it’s to be hake on a bed of lentils with a mixed salad. Don’t think I could go to enjoy the snow anywhere kas- other than from inside a very warm house - which ours in Turkey is not, unfortunately. Wrap up well and keep well