Most beautiful place you have been?

If you had to name the most beautiful or scenic place you've ever been to in your travels, what would it be? you can say Kusadasi but try to pick somewhere else to make it interesting:) and post a pic of the place if you can.
Before i went to kusadasi we used to go to zante which is very beautiful


I have travelled to quite a few countries..but for me there is nowhere that can compare with the West Highland way in Scotland...truly magnificent and breathtaking scenery...brings tears to your eyes!
..have to agree ..but more to the north of scotland ..especially the sma glen perthshire ,amulree and rannoch all breathtaking...nothing even comes close to anywhere we have travelled.... i would recomend a good week travelling in a car and stopping at the bed and breakfasts.and go from oban right through the west coast right around the top of scotland the down the north east..driving through to places invererry ,portsaunochan ,golspie..thurso, wick , fort william..inverness , perth,lairg..aberdeen.. theres no were in the world like it..
Been all around the world and the best place by far was Borocay island in the Pillippines in 1989. No electric then but I hear it has now (and motorbikes) and is far more expensive. Shame but nothing lasts forever. It was £1.50 per day for a beach hut, perfect skies, shooting stars, storm lanterns to see by at night and generators to get lights in the local bars. I hear there are 7000 islands so maybe there's a chance to get one that hasn't been ruined by tourism. Progress? No by my book!!!
my sisters cottage in the muskoka lakes outside huntsville in ontario canada.its a patch of heaven, no noisy traffic all the birdsounds including the loons and chipmonks no tv, a beautiful place in summer or winter, we loved the winter when we got to see moose , deer , beaver, and one quiet morning a lone wolf ventured out on the frozen lake its brilliant, nothing beats sitting on the deck in the big chair with a hot choc and being part of nature:)


.. a few years ago in antigua ..we had halleys comet at 1.30 pm that was a site, and eerie....and the music on our cruise ship was total eclipse of the Bonnie Tyler...the thing is most of the locals were indoors and very afraid ..they thought it was a bad omen:)
Apart from the view from our home here across the valley in Kirazli it would be Cesar Manriques house on peaceful and beautiful.....built in a lava field it is breathtaking....
On the road to Mugla, there is a point on the mountain where it is possible to stop your car. If you are feeling lucky, you can cross the road (if it's not busy) and you can see over a very large valley, and see the sea and the mountains in the distance. It's amazing, and will take your breath away. I tried to find a good picture, but no picture does any justice to the view there.

Also very nice, is the turtle beach near Dalyan, OUTSIDE of the tourist season. I was there once during the season, and it was nice, but with people in the bikini's a bit like any other beach. Then I went there this year at the end of the season, for the sunset, and it was amazing. Nobody else was there, just some birds, on the one side sweet water of a lake, on the other side of the sand the sea. Nature at its best.

Also very nice was koycegiz lake.
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Thank you Jasmina
Stunning pictures
Thank you :) I know it's not one place, but I just couldn't choose. And for everybody who's sitting in Kusadasi and feeling a bit bored, it's just a drive away! I did it in a few days.
From Kusadasi to Bodrum, stopped at a few places like Bafa lake for picknicks and pictures. Stayed the night in Bodrum. In the morning drove a bit around peninsula, and set off towards Marmaris.
Spend the night in Marmaris, had a lovely breakfast there (heavy sweating in the sun, in November... You never know what Turkey will give you ;) ) and set of towards...well, we didn't have a destination at that point :p We just drove, and on the way I saw the sign for Koycegiz, which I had a hard time pronouncing, so that's why we stopped there... I know, strange reason, but very good choice!
After some time in the town of Koycegiz and walking around the harbour and the lake there, we decided to visit Dalyan... not what we expected... very dead and truly boring outside of the season, but to make the trip worth it, we decided to drive up to the turtle beach. And that was sooo worth it. What an experience...seeing the nests if the turtles, seeing the sunset. Great.
Decided to head back for Koycegiz... we fell in love with the place and wanted to stay the night there. Had a lovely evening with homestyle cooking, and nice talks with the locals. The next monring at breakfast, some locals gave us tips to see hot water springs at nearby mountains. We drove through some lovely villages and tangerine trees as far as the eye could see. Halfway up the mountain I made the picture of the lake.
In the afternoon we drove back to Kusadasi, but this time not via the coast but via the highways. We were back in the early evening.
small place about 3 hours from rio called buzious stunning my brothers house there is next door to bridgit bardoe flocks of pirates stunning place.


The views from the differant photo points in the national park, here in Guzelcamli are some of the best scenerys ive ever seen.