Kusadasi 2010 to do list

A new year, a new list! hehe. so whats your plans for this year in kusadasi? i always make a general list of what i would like to do and see, i didnt do nearly as much as i hoped i would last year so i still have things to do from last years wish list, eat at la costa, after seeing karyns pics go to Kirazli, a day in Aydin, Soke market and i think ill be adding to my list before i get there.
Hi Alice

My list is (no particular order)

National Park
Soke and Sirence
Scuba diving
Jeep Safari
cave of Zeus
Degirman Restaurant for Quail
Visiting all my friends in Kusadasi
visit pammukale
see a dolphin show
go down the marina
go to jade beach club at night
visit some different beaches

im sure ill add to the list, but ill definatley be doing the above in may and august
mine is istanbul febuaray to see the blue mosque
start driving .... in turkey i know .. its going to be crazy but im going to try it at least
speak more turkish
Go to izmir zoo .. i love zoos

This is a list of things i want to do this year, when i move there too
Go to a Tarkan Concert
Watch the camel wrestling
Visit a couple of different beaches
Try new restaurants
Go shopping in Izmir
See some villages and observe the proper Turkish way of life
Learn some Turkish so i can communicate better
Meet new people and make friends
Visit Market Koy.
See the post by Karinbea.
I never heard of it before despite visiting Kusadasi about 15 times.
Its a model of a Turkish village all hand made. Its near Selchuk.
..cappadocia..,i kow ive been saying that for years,just hav,nt had the time .also troy,oh and that miniture village at market koy, never even knew it was there..oh and i want to try scuba diving ..after speaking to Pete..at his painting exhibition..:)
Visit some of the Turkish restaurants written about on the forum
Go back to izmir, went before but only saw forum bornova
Jade beach club
I would like to try driving
..the same as last year ..just could,nt find the time ..,the caves of zeus ,(no excuse its only a 10 minute drive from me) cappadocia,and troy ,also istanbul (the missus got there last year)..so this year i will try..:)
We wanted try a tree house camp we saw on a travel programme a few years back but couldn't get round to it. Anyone know where it is?
That's it Mella! Thanks so much. Plan to do it late season (after the last of the family and friends visit). Looks great doesn't it?:woohoo:
My aim is to see and do more, less beach more sightseeing, meeting people, practicing my Turkish, visit a couple of Turkish villages if possibly and of course spend lots of quality time with my boyfriend.