Passengers from Hell

We all know what its like to travel by aeroplane, but Tripadvisr have put together the top ten list of passengers from hell.

Do you agree with this or is there something different that annoys you more?

Or even worse are you guilty of one of these.

1. Oblivious Parents - Their kids kick your seat from takeoff to touchdown. But these parents might as well be miles away.

2. Space Intruder - This armrest hog's arms and knees invade your personal space

3. Bio-Hazard - Sneezing, sniffling, and sweating, this guy should have a HAZMAT (hazardous material) sticker affixed to his lapel

4. Chatterbox - From his divorce to his dental work, he's the tell-all talker - and you're the captive audience

5. Smelly Snacker - Kimchi is delicious. So are egg salad and garlic. But 17 inches from your face? Really?

6. Carrie Carry all - She's filled the entire overhead compartment and the space in front of YOUR seat with HER stuff.

7. Self-entitiled - She treats the flight attendants as her personal servants, with a trigger-finger on the Call button

8. Seat Swapper - They troll the cabin trying to trade up, or give you their best puppy eyes and plead, "Can you let us sit together

9. Nervous Wreck - She whimpers over every sound and shudder, white-knuckling it all the way to Saskatoon.

10. Entertainment Director - He's blasting his tunes or watching car chase movies on his laptop - and you can't change the channel.
I have two more to add to the list. keep them coming.

Smelly Nelly - she has tried every perfume in the duty free and smells like a chemical factory, it so bad that even breathing through your mouth only doesn't help cos you taste it.

Sleeping partner - yep the guy next to you falls asleep and snuggles into your shoulder or arm, or worse snores or farts in his sleep.
the passengers behind you talking loudly for everyone to hear there made up stories about there lives,plus when they want to get up from ther seats they swing on your headrest


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Haha, loved reading that Laura. I have encountered them all at some point or another and pretty much find them all annoying. I try to fall asleep on my flights as it passes the time quicker and I can't get annoyed by all of the above so easily. ;)

Here are a few more;

Ruddy Recliner - As soon as the flight levels out they recline their seat and get off to sleep without considering how the person behind is going to eat their meal. I don't know why but I hardly ever recline my seat, I always feel bad for the person behind i'm doing something bad. :doh:

Gassy McGaserson - This is possibly the worst case scenario. The person next to you beings to pass gas uncontrollably. Perhaps its their new 'high fiber' diet, or that can of beans they ate for breakfast; whatever it is, they are kicking up a stink. Hold your breath, its going to be a long flight!

Moaning Myrtle - Some people just live to moan, ''X airline was much better than this'' ''This airline food is disgusting'' and so on. On my last flight I sat next to an old Turkish man that loved to moan about everything. Unfortunately we had a small delay of about 20 minutes where we sat in our seats and he kept asking literally every 2 minutes ''When are we going, this is ridiculous,'' on and on and on. Then he started to moan about everything to was a long flight.

I think we have to call hom either Marco Millions - cos of the million lies he tells or Ali the ape because of the swinging.

Mella - OMG - Moaning Myrtle, I know her really well and the Turkish moaning guy is like the kids saying "are we there yet"
Smelly Nelly who's body odour is shall we say very high. At least in a supermarkets etc you can move away from the heavy smell. One time one particular lady who I had the pleasure of sitting beside, near the end of the flight started to rub something underarms..................ugh. Soap and water would have been a start before she got on the flight.

Great thread by the way;) All very true


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Bucklers - People in the aisle seat that have got on the plane and buckle up their seat belts as soon as they sit down. Then they get all moody when they have to unbuckle for the 2 people sitting next to them.

The Jumpers - These are the people who can not follow the simple instruction of "Please remain seated until the seat belt sign is switched off and we have arrived at our gate!" as soon as the plane is close to stopping they jump up, clogging up the aisles to get their crap out of the overhead lockers. It is not a hard instruction to follow! You have been sitting for the last 4 hours, what is another few minutes.

Not forgetting the staff...

Surly Stewardess - Having my shoulder nearly ripped off by the trolly driven by a sadistic flight attendant that plows up the aisle without warning.


:D Ive sat by everyone of the above at some time or other. Unruly kids and smelly nellys are my worst nightmare, with the moaners i just tell them i,m going to have a sleep and ignore them.


Nappy changers. They are sitting either right behind or in front of you and change their babies stinky nappy whilst seated instead of using the loo. You feel like puking the meagre and horrible inflight catering all over them.
we've also got b.o. bobbity and b.o. betty on a trip with the school.who smell like thay havent showered since the day thay were born.
and Mr yatter yatter yatter how could talk about rubbish into the next oblivion
Mella;252279 said:
Ruddy Recliner - As soon as the flight levels out they recline their seat and get off to sleep without considering how the person behind is going to eat their meal. I don't know why but I hardly ever recline my seat, I always feel bad for the person behind i'm doing something bad. :doh:
YES! And then, when we are about to land, the steward(ess) walks by to tell them to put the seat up..once he/she walks away, the seat goes down again. Which means, if there is an emergency landing, THEY will be fine, but I can't even brace myself into the safety position because of the freaking chair in my face!


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Add to that the serial chucker - usually one who has not worked out that there are paper bags for that purpose. Its a long way from Dubai to Melbourne covered in the contents of someone else regurgitated breakfast. (Fortunately a change of clothes helped for me but not for her and the plane was full so I was stuck!).


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Probably one of my most unpleasant flights - and I travel miles each year. The first chuck was while we were out at the head of the runway waiting for final clearance. She sat on the taxi out with the blanket over her head, pulled off the blanket and up it all came - everywhere - me, the aisle, the seat, the passenger across the way etc and we had to sit like that till we had levelled out. She spoke no English and I had to grab the barf bag, open it and stick it next to her mouth to indicate its a much better idea than chundering everywhere.
dribbly: someone who sits beside you and falls asleep on your shoulder and upon waking you find a nice slimy trail of dribble on your shoulder!!:mad::( and dont forget stinky feet: last year we were treated to a cheese fest when the person who sat in front of us proceeded to remove their shoes and from what i could see and smell i,d say the last time they had a bath was probably their wedding day!!(this guy was in his 60,s) and i,d say there was a new species of cheese and mould growing in his socks :busted:
I was once delayed in Tunisia for 18 hours. The relief of getting on the plane was soon extiguisghed by the BO from the guy who sat down next to me and proceded to bore me with his tedious conversation. I was thinking "can this get any worse and am I going to wake up from this night mare".


Solution to ruddy recliner - get up as often as possible holding on to and swinging out of their headrest (you can't get out otherwise!). Solution to kicking kids, recline into their laps, when they kick more, turn around and make horrible faces and veiled threats in a very low tone. When they then complain to mam or dad - who will then nearly attack you for disturbing their little darling - for which read disturb them, you then have the opportunity to revile them loudly and publicly - because rest assured they have upset everybody around them. Has anyone mentioned yet the woman who curls herself in a ball with her knees in your back and her feet in someone elses? Repeated reclins drop sometimes works for that. Having said all of that travel with a decent airline like THY or Aer France or KLM and you will not suffer from most of the above.
..we had a couple of drunken louts behind us on a flight and they kept on puting their feet against our seats(very annoying) ..i did speak to them a couple of times ..(to no avail) and when i got up to go to the loo ..when one was dozing of ,i told him i would be looking for him once we got out of the airport..i would be looking for him .in particular.he quietened down a bit for the rest of the flight ,and when we landed at Gatwick ..i never seen anyone move so fast to get away..:)
The annoying screaming kicking the back of your chair kids are the most annoying, followed by anyone that smells. I hold my hands up to the falling asleep on someones shoulder did that a few times when the annoying screaming kicking the back of your chair kids got all the onboard pillows, but i dont drool so its ok LOL.