Cigarettes at duty free

A coup
Can anyone provide an up to date price on duty free cigarettes at Izmir. Many thanks.
A couple of weeks ago when coming back to Izmir from Canada I bought a carton of Salem at the Izmir duty free, 23 euros, Works out to 53 TL, and to buy in the store for 8 X 25 at 7.50 TL a pack equals 60 TL, so about 7 TL cheaper, but it all depends on your brand, as some are cheaper, plus they have 2 and 3 carton deals on certian brands.
when we came out last year cigs were cheaper to buy on plane than in duty free. We got a price list of duty free items on plane with our tickets when they came, so double check against duty free in airport.
i used to get cigarettes in duty free in dublin but i now wait until i get to izmir as they are about €10.00 cheaper and it saves you having to carry the on the plane.


Kusadasi Queen
Can anyone find a link for Samos duty free? Im just wondering if it would be worth sailing over for the day to get duty free fags, went last year and didnt even think about duty free allowances?
Having a laugh at this, stopped 2 yrs and 8 months ago, and have saved £6000 so far. ;-)
Not laughing at my photo though, 2 stone heavier :-(