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:( :cry: God I am so depressed just back last Sunday from an absolutely fabulous stay in The Tropicana Garden Hotel as usual. The hotel has been completely refurbished and looks really great. Of course as usual what makes our stay so special is the staff they are just amazing and as we have stayed there for the last 9 years we know some of them a long time and are really good friends. Anyway the rooms were immaculate and are cleaned on a daily basis. One tip is a lot of people ask for a pool view room which although is great to look at the rooms tend to heat up dramatically during the day. We normally ask for a room at the back of the hotel which stay much cooler and you don't have to use the air-conditioning as much. Air conditiong although is great to have can cause all sorts of chest infections which I have found out over the years. The food is first class and the chef Joseph(gumit) really ecxels himself on the barbecue night which is a great nights entertainment. It includes belly dancers,break dancers fabulous food and all sorts of patricipation from the staff and the guests. People staying in the Delta apartments also joined us and we had a fabulous night. The food is really good in the hotel but a little more expensive than downtown kusadasi. A bottle of Efes light(LOCAL BEER) will set you back 6 million lira but in some of the restaurents around bar street it was only 2.5 million lira so its definitely worth eating out of the hotel sometimes.Another tip is try the Meze(starters) they are plentiful and you may not be able for the main course as the portions are huge. Another tip is if you have been on the beer and are dehydrated try drinking a turkish drink called Aryan its yoghurt with salt it does taste bitter but it works wonders. The pool in the hotel is excellent and this year because the hotel was completely booked it was really hectic and they even ran out of sunbeds. The only complaint we had was that one particular group of people approx 15 used to hold the sunbeds which was very unfair but i did bring it to the owner Husnan and Husseins attention as well as the Manager Bulent so hopefully it wont happen again. There is a new entertainment manager called Shak and another guy called Ali who provide all day and all night entertainment. One of the funniest things is a dance in the pool and to see grown men splashing around in the pool like 2 year olds is hilarious. Shak is brilliant as is Ali who does a fabulous martial arts routine and he is like a rubber band he is so flexible. They do some great comic sketches as well as dressing up as women and all sorts of madness. There was a lot more children staying in the hotel this year compared to other years and although it states in the brochure that the hotel is not suitable for children its completely safe with baby minding facilities. There is aso a beautician, hairdresser and Masseuse on hand if you want some pampering.The hotel has a shop as well for all the basics. If your shopping do not buy duty free in dublin airport or in kudasasi as its far cheaper on the plane itself either coming or going. In dublin airport 200 sil cut was €25.00 and on the plane it was €24.00 for 400 and its also dearer in kusadasi itself and you may not be getting the real cigarettes as some of them come from the black market.If you are shopping and you have a friend thats turkish bring them along with you as its easier to haggle in turkish.The little turkish I do know came in really handy and the prices did come down dramatically when they heard me speak turkish.We spent a lot of time in a Turkish bar and even though we were the only two non turks on any night there they made us feel really welcome. We had great craic dancing with the locals and we even got to know the band and the owner. One word of advice if you are in a turkish bar ask before you get up to dance as some of the songs are not suitable to dance to because of the language barrier they could be songs about someone dying or a sad love song so it could cause offence.It was great to see so many turkish girls mixing with the locals and it was really funny trying to bridge the language barrier. We spent a lot of time in the kILLARNEY BAR Hi to Zeynetti,The Log Cabin Hi to Mehmet which was once the busiest Bar st until the owner sugru died 4 years ago. We also went to th Limon bar Hi to Beth and Harrys bar where the manager Hakan was really great. We also went to Paddys bar a couple of times where Jimmy Bollix yes that is his nickname is Dj and whom we have known for years, We had a fab time and in the near future myself and my friend intend to make Kusadasi our permanent home. If that is not a recommendation for somewhere to go on holidays I dont know what is.

Anybody going out enjoy yourselves
Anybody thinking about it don't think just do it
To all who made our holiday special COK TESEKKUR EDERIM

Bye for now :wave: :wave:

Sue from Dublin
This year was my first trip to Kusadasi and me and my sis stayed in Tropicana Garden Hotel, it's amazing and like Sue we'll be back again!!! The Hotel is unreal-very clean and the staff are lovely they all make you feel like you're at home (but better) We made so many friends and it's an awful feeling having to come home. We thought Jimmys Irish bar was the best-the staff there are really nice too. If anyone is thinking of going to Kusadasi i would recomend Tropicana Garden Hotel 100% The best restaurant in town we found was Golden Boys but yet and all they dont compare to the hotel but if its a change of scenery you want it's Golden boys!!! Cant wait to go back-miss Kusadasi soooooooo much...
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