Which restaurant is your favorite?

Top restaurants in Kusadasi

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I have also been to Yucca.. Very nice place!!.. Also There is a restaurant opposite Yucca..I forgot what it is exactly called but it was something like ihbal?? Anyways.. they have great food!!
I think saray restaurant is the best.
Went to Yucca also, but if you compare prices/food: saray is much cheaper then yucca and the service is also much better in saray.

and I just love the little gifts they always gave you!

I made a lot of friends at saray when i lived there and they gave my parents a big cake and a bottle of champagne because it was there first time in Turkey! :clap:
the best restaurant in Kusadasi is the Mayflower, we went there 5 times altogether.On our first night we were walking dazed around and the boys there gave us an offer we couldn't refuse.We had a very big meal and lots of drinks for pennies and the food was lovely!We also enjoyed the entertainment and service,which of course is very important.I saw a website somewhere that said Mayflower was rubbish but I disagree strongly.The staff and food were absolutely corgeous there...

Could someone tell me where planet yucca is, I don't think I saw it anywhere... :oops:
Got to be the Casablanca!


I came back from Kusadasi 2 days ago, and it was the best holiday I have ever had. My fave place to eat was the Casablanca - food was great value for money and absolutely delicious. Also, the staff (Alex and Eric - yum yum xxx) were extremely friendly!!!!!

Well worth a visit!

I think Murphys is good :)!!But i hav never eaten there but used to go there all the time for a drink b4 headin out to barstreet!:)(*)it was reli good cant wait to go back next year for 8 weeks hope to see you's all there!!! Bye Channon xx
Ah...we're talking about food..great!! I'm a food lover, love to eat and to cook (NO I'M NOT FAT!!)

I don't even know any names of restaurants we went to...when we felt hungry we just sat down somewhere waving the guy off who was trying to get you inside.

ennieweezzz....woman rights are sooooooo 1968!! Deep inside we would all like to be bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen :shock: