City Council Of Kusadasi

Dear All,

Kusadasi City Council has been registered on forum by name "City Council"

Also, you may join to Kuşadası Kent Konseyi facebook official page as our freind. We invite you to join us.

Meanwhile, Kusadasi City Council Foreigners Assembly continues it's meetings regularly.

An Invitation for our foreigner citizens who live in Kusadasi.

Best Regards,

Kuşadası Kent Konseyi/City Council
Welcome to the forum!

Would you be able to place the 'foreigners guide to living in Turkey' on your City Council website and the Belediye website and provide links to it on here so it is easily accessible for people?
If you need "Foreign Driving license converting"

"According to (head of traffic service) official web site."

When you visit this website.You can reach this informations.

Firstable click then on left site of page click "Trafik Tescil İşlemleri" after this click you will see " Sürücü Belgesi İşlemleri" click that as well. Finally click YABANCI SÜRÜCÜ BELGELERİNİN ÜLKEMİZ SÜRÜCÜ BELEGELERİNE DÖNÜŞTÜRÜLMESİ" link.

When you enter this link you will see requested documents as Turkish Language. like on below.

Requested documents...

1. Driving License certified from a Notary or certified translation from the Embassy
2. The file from Chamber of Drivers
3. Original and photocopy of birth certificate (residence permit for foreign nationals).
4. Four (4) Photos
5. Criminal record. (original) (1 Year Current)
6. Health report (original) (State Hospital or from private health institutions)
7. Blood group certificate.
8. Original foreign driving license (to be given back after the procedure)
9. Receipt of fees from Tax Office (driving license will be paid according to class)
10. Driving License card fee TL 62.00
If you need an International Driving License

People abroad as hassle-free vehicles arranged to use an international drive is allowed.

Signed in 1949 before the UN according to the Agreement on International Road Traffic are regulated.

For Foreign Citizens ( for only tourist visas ) accordig to International Convention (UN)
Requested documents...

1 -Driving License (original),
2 -Two ( 2 ) Photos,
3 -Driving Licence certified translations from Consulate or Embassy.

International Driving License, Because of the International Convention, being held in the country is invalid. This document by the international agreement is valid in many countries in the world. The only requirement, in that country to be as a tourist and no lack of permanent residence.

Document validity is 1 year from date of issue.

According to the state's financial legislation, the amount of fees each year at the International Driving License reorganizes. According to the same legislation, the document charges for the renewal of old ones return discount can be applied.

First Purchase Licence Fees VAT included TOTAL TL 265.70
Licence renewal fees VAT included TOTAL TL 92.80
according to and getting all knowledges from this website.
City Council, why is the information on wills not correct, there is no point in having any sort of will in Turkey if you want to leave your Turkish property and money to any one out side of the Turkish Forced heirship regulations, you really need to correct the information people are charge hundreds of euros to make a will that the courts just ignore


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Welcome to the forum,one thing Ive noticed while in Kusadasi 2 weeks ago is the new dolmus services which are very good but now dont display the rates like in the past, so could you please tell me is there a reason for this??



Pedestrian Area

Can you please get the police to keep cars, motor bikes and bicycles out of the pedestrian area. Every day you can see police officers standing next to the signs which tell vehicles to keep out, while cars and bikes go past them. Sometimes the riders and drivers even stop to talk to the police! Today I saw a man on a police bike ride through, he was wearing neither a helmet nor police uniform.
I often see cars goıng through red lights, drıve the wrong way down one way streets or on the wrong side of a dual-carriageway in full view of police officers, who just sit and watch and do nothing.
Please get the police first to obey the laws themselves and then enforce them for others.
Welcome to the forum City council

I am a regular visitor and council taxpayer, and was wondering if Kusadasi had ever considered working with other towns and Cities in the region to encourage route development and increase tourism. Certainly many people on this forum would visit Kusadasi more if there were more direct flights to Izmir and Bodrum from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales and other European Cities. This would be especially true in the shoulder months and off-season.
City Council...
Can you please let us know if the number 5 bus will start going from the Palmin to Centrum via Ladies beach again, if you want to go to Ladies Beach or Bird Island now you have to go all through town, We do not know why this bus was stopped as it always had people on it.
Bob and Deb
I would also like to know what has happened with the Number 5 Dolmuc as I got on it at Green beach asking for the Palmin and was taken all the way into town and back round via several sitesi's I haver never even seen,this took about 30mins + when it should have just been a 2 minute ride,I am now very wary of getting on to the number 5 which always used to pass my Sitesi and would rather pay the extra and get a taxi.