City Council Of Kusadasi


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Reporting back re my post about road crossing.
Today workmen came and fitted speed bumps and signs they came to us as they knew I had written and asked to use electric to fit the speed bumps and told a neighbour who then came and thanked me which I was glad they were happy as well .I hope this will slow the traffic and make it safer for everyone.
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Great service by everyone.
Referende to the meeting on 13 May 2011 at the University ..

According to this meeting must all be allowed to ride in a car with MA, MB, etc. plates
I do not know where you have this off. Traffic Police in Kusadasi says that only the owneris allowed to run it. Traffic Police in Aydin must all, but you should have a document from the notary, with the names of those who do. The notary said that only one wife must.
Who to trust.
Does anyone know what to do?