Pension Kugu ( Next to Ponz Villas )....Ladies Beach

Hiya all,

This is my first post on this forum and hopefully it wont be my last !

I visited Ladies Beach some time ago...about 9 or 10 years I think and stayed at a small family run hotel called Pension Kugu.

This was next door to the Ponz Villas and we used to spend our days at the poolside and in the bar at the Ponz Villas. I think we had to walk across a small square to the side of Ponz Villas to get to The Kugu.

The Kugu didnt have a pool at the time, but I believe that it has now had one built.

However, I will cut to the chase......

1) Can anyone tell me if the Pension Kugu is still called by that name or has it changed name?

2) Has anyone stayed there recently and if so, opinions please.

3) Please let me know the approx. cost of staying at Ponz Villas


I've stayed on Ladies Beach 10 times, If i remember rightly it is still called that but im not too sure. I'll find out for ya as im off next week. (Staying at Gultepe, just up the hill from Ponz Villas)

I'd love to have seen Ladies Beach 10 years ago and to see how it has changed. Its changed a lot since the first time i went, there is no road anymore, its for pedestrians only.

I wonder if any of the bars/restaurants that are there now were there 10 years ago?

Cheers KC...I know of 1 change and that the Kugu was supposed to be having a pool built ( The owner was a bit jealous that we spent our time at Ponz ! )...unfortunately, I just cannot remember any names of the bars..but Im sure there are some photographs around the house somewhere.

The main road was certainly a busy road at the time....looking back, i wished I had done more sightseeing rather than pool and sun and bar, but I was in good company and had a great time anyway...the closest I got to experiencing the culture was apple tea, bartering in the market, drinking Raki ( i think !)_and visiting the barbers for a shave....brilliant and thats why when I visit again, i will make the most of it and do as much as possible.