Hello to everyone,

I am making this my second post...my first post was to obtain information.

It has been a while since i visited Turkey, but my memories of Ladies Beach are still with me.

The best thing about my experince of having a holiday in Kusadasi was that the people are very, very friendly.

I even managed to have a couple of shaves at the barbers whilst I visited..very relaxing.

Hopefully, I will be able to visit again in the near future and re-kindle those memories.

i will be back ! 8)
Welcome to the forum and I would love to hear more about your memories . Turkey is my second home and everytime I leave I leave my family behind(my turkish family that is.)

Take care

Alright there flynns08.....

Ladies Beach about 1993 I think...we stayed in a small family run hotel called Pension Kugu....not far from Ponz Villas.

We spent most of our days at the Ponz poolside, and visiting Kusadsi during the evening. Bird Island as well was great to visit...just so relaxing.

I remember my partner was wearing a James Dean t-shirt and when we went into town, a young Turkish lad wanted to swap about 3 t-shirts for her one because he was his idol......My partner accepted the offer, but insisted she only take the 1 t-shirt to cover her modesty....we couldnt go past the shop ever again without being invited in for some apple tea and a chat !!!