Damn Fine Black Girl

Just noticed your location....I was in Copenhagen in June for a short break...Thursday to Sunday....12 lads for a stag party...didnt see much of the place apart from some bars and pubs but managed to visit Christiania...cool place.

Great time by all of us.
Hello Hebburn how r u?
Oh u visited Christiania, so i guess u ...... :razz: not that u have to do when u r out there! it's a very cool place, a big shame our politiciens wanna close it :evil: But i aint gonna happen.

Any plans on coming back to copenhagen?
Hiya DFBG,

Thanx for your reply...Im afraid there are no plans to visit at the moment, but you never know what can happen.

As for the "smokes" in Christiania, I actually didnt, I prefferred to drink Tuborg and Carlsberg that were being sold at a very cheap price...mind, some of my friends did !!!!

I would love to return some day...the girls are absolutely stunning !!!!

Because of the reason for my visit, there wasnt much time to go sight seeing, in fact Denmark were playing football that day against Croatia and we had planned to go to the game...but after Christiania, some lads werent in any fit state to do anything else !!!!!

Are you living in Copenhagen now or 1 of the many who enjoy living in Kusadasi ?
It's a place in Denmark where u mostely go for a smoke 8) and i dont mean cigarets :cheesy:
But it got the best atmosphere, everybody is very nice.
Also they give some good rap concerts out there.
If anybody ever come to copenhagen they should defentnally go out visit christiania :wave:

Thanks Charlotte but it sounds great if i am ever there I will get your phone number but I think the only place I will go to is Kusadasi cos I dont want to go anywhere else I know thats a bit sad but thats just the way it is I have been to a few places and there really is no comparison.

Sue :razz:
Hiya flynns08...Christiania is a, dare I say, a hippy type commune that still indulge in soft smokes....although I didnt involve myself in this activity, the atmosphere and friendliness of everyone was an experience that I will remember.

Then again, I am of the opinion that if you respect people of all cultures, you will receive respect and have a great time wherever you go and whoever you are...sounds a bit boring, but as an Englishman, it is often the minority who spoil it for the true friendly English people on holiday.

By the way, I have also visited Dublin, and the people there have a really laid back, friendly attitude...and the Guiness is lovely !
Hebburn ftm

Hi Hebburn how the hell are ya

Yes the Guinness is divine and we are all mad The Irish I mean sure wouldnt we talk to a wall.

Im fine flynns08 ( strange one that ! ),

Anyway, you are right...you are a mad lot but brilliant craic...I can understand how everyone loves the accent...well I do anyway provided it is being spoken by a female !!!

Its years since I've been to Kusadasi ...I also visted Kemer...but 1 day I will return...its probably changed a bit but looking at the photos of Ladies beach, i think I still have my bearings.....lovely walk into the town centre..about 20-30 minutes walk if I remember.......and even the bartering in the market was an experience !
Well i can understand some of your friends maybe didnt feel like going to the match. Im also a non smoker, but i know how the "smokes" r in christiania.
Unfortunally i dont live in Kusadasi but i will love to. for now i can just go there for a holiday. and i will go as often as i can and i will again in 5days :wave: :D I still live in copenhagen.
Hey Sue if u ever stop by denmark i will give u r tour... But i doubt u will cause u love Kusadasi as much as i do
DFBG...do me a favour please...if possible....if you are near to Ponz Villas in Ladies Beach, find out if the small hotel called Pension Kugu is still beside it please.....When, and not if, I return to Ladies beach, I would probably stay at either of these places out of nostalgia...I dont normally visit the same place twice, but Ladies Beach is 1 place that I would like to return to some day.


Damn_Fine_Black_Girl said:
If i walk by the ponz i will keep an eye out for that pension and i will let u know when i come back
Thank you v much.

You can even get yourself an Ephes beer ( I think thats what I used to drink ) and I will square up with you some day !

Are you staying in Kusadasi or its surrounding areas ? Im noit being nosey...just chatty !
No it's fine feel free to ask i dont mind

I will stay in ladies beach in a apartment, just behind asena hotel.. The ponz isnt far away from there is it?

Well i will not be drinking an efes, but i will defentnally be drinking :razz:
Im not sure of any hotels/ apts around the area now....its a long time since I was there but i can still picture the route after a night out.....walking up a dark, dusty, bank back to Kugu.....2 paces forward and about 5 back. :D

It was great.