Tire Market

Tire is a populous town inland from Selcuk about 29 miles from Kusadasi. Its market is claimed to be the largest in Turkey and definitely the biggest in the region and is held on Tuesday's and Fridays although i have only been to the Tuesday one - and yes it is huge.
I caught the Dolmus from the centre of Selcuk were it costs 6 Tl one way.
The journey inland is pleasant calling at a number of villages.
The kebabs and meatballs in Tire are so famous it is claimed that locals come from Izmir to eat.

The town centre is attractive with lots of old islamic architecture

A local told me an annual festival, held since early 1400, is celebrtated on the third week of March marking the first day of spring in the Iranian calender -usually around 21 March. This is when the sun straddles the equator equalising night and day.

In fact this day called Nowruz is celebrated as the first day of the new year in the Iranian calender and is celebrated throughout the Indian coninent as New Years day.

I'm told its worth visiting and experiencing but unfortunately I will not be in Turkey then - maybe something to consider while waiting for the summer buzz to start.

I have attached some photos I took in Tire of the market entrance, a blacksmith who had a forge inside his shop repairing pots, my simple lunch a typical street and of course a village taxi.



Mancunian Crooner
Ive never been to tire but my turkish neighbour has a brother living there--he went to visit him and brought me back some cream cheese special to tire--absolutely gorgeous--we ate it on fresh pide on the balcony
We must remember to go next time we visit Selcuk...

I do love Ayvalik market - right up in the North Agean and quite a trip from Kusadasi. It's huge and wonderfully chaotic. I think it's a Thursday market but please don't take my word for it. Parking in Ayvalik is hard on market days, as is getting a late afternoon bus or dolmus. Once we move out, I would like to visit Ayvalik from time to time but we think it's going to be an overnight stay if we're going to hit the market.

I just love proper markets anyway.


Kusadasi Artist
Tire market is absolutely wonderful and both bigger and cheaper than the ones in Kusadasi or Soke. I've been to both Tuesday and Friday ones at Tire, the only problem (if you're a shopping hater like me) is that both markets get really, really crowded and there's only one pace (dead slow). Subsequent times we went, after the first time, I sat in a patisserie and enjoyed some wonderful pastries and coffee (it's the only way to shop, I tell you).


Glaswegian Güzeli
Ive never been either but looks a nice trip out.... Ive heard the materials and cloth are fabulous there..
Thanks for the info Kustu. I have lived in Kussie 11yrs and never heard of the market there. Sounds a good day out especially as there is a connection from Selcuk. On the list.


Well we went yesterday and,it is huge.It goes on forever.And a great deal cheaper than all of the other markets.One stallholder actually called me back to tell me i had overpaid.Now that is something. Definitely going again.
Many thanks for the info.


Sweet Yorkshire Rose
I have been once to the Tuesday market and can confirm its huge,crowded,the pace is a shuffle through narrow streets so you need loads of time. BUT its much cheaper great linens bedding and hand crafted items lace ect.
Very few tourist there and you will need to practice your Turkish,theirs no one shouting cheaper than chips there.
So good authentic market,quite a long trek from Kusadasi given the country roads are slow.
Kofte in center are really great, but if you have a car you could decide to go uphill (outside of town, just keep going up when you can choose). It's a nice drive and you will find a really great restaurant at the end of the road with an incredible view.