Tire Market


Mancunian Crooner
If anyone is still awake, in Kusadasi now, wanted to go to Tire market tomorrow, but just been tyold by a waiter it will not be on, something about a festival everyone celebrates. If true, bugger, had our hearts on going. Is it vworth a visit without the market?? How about Aydin, is that worth a visit?
ı went to aydın thıs tıme last year on the bus--ıt cost 7lıra from kusadasi--ıt was awfull ın the heat and so bumpy that ı felt sıck as a dog when ı got off the bus ın aydın--ı got a taxı back--cost me 80lıra but worth every lıra
Sorry Natalie- it's Bayram Seker - the Muslim Christmas effectively - so you're out of luck this week- I don't know about next week - you might be ok then. Most government offices banks etc are shut for the next three days at least- this year the holiday has been extended to nine days but I don't know if things will shut for nine days. The Tuesday market in kusadasi was held in a small modified form today instead of tomorrow - but the Wednesday and Friday market are going ahead as normal - probably not as many stalls though. There are many antiquities and ancient sites dotted though tire which, if you're interested, are well worth seeing and better able to be seen without the market. As for Aydin- have only passed through but it's a long way to go on a dolmus in this heat on spec.
Hi i nave been visiting Kusadasi for over 20 years now and i am comming for a holiday in 2 weeks time i would luv to go to the Tire market shopping as i have heard about this mant times ,,, C ould you please tell me if they sell Bags and clothes or is it another Market i am thinking of ? thanks Liz Tc x
You will find clothes and bags and handcrafts.

The clothes are cheaper than they are in tourist resorts, but they are the sorts of things the local people buy, not aimed for the tourist market.

The oya (needle lace) and other handmade items are truly superb. You will also find felt made by traditional methods (in some startlingly modern designs).

Tire market is HUGE.