I was just looking at some of the new members and some of them are from Russia. I think we should all express our sympathies to all those that have lost family or loved in this recent atrocity. I know I was moved to tears on numerous occasions when I saw the footage on the television. So as Someone from Ireland I say to all the Russian people I am so so very sorry for what has happened and my prayers go out to you all

What a big trajedy.. :cry: :cry:
Three years after the September 11, 2001 people are still dying of terror :roll: :frown:
In this case most of them are innocent children, this makes my heart ache :(
My sincerest condolences to everyone in Russia...
This act I find 100 times worse then 9/11. To hold that many children, watch them suffer for days in the heat and starve them of food and water and shoot a kid for daring to ask for the toilet, and then wiring bombs all over the place and shooting kids indiscriminatly is not terrorism for a political agenda, this is the purest form of evil imaginable.
This is a moment for the world to weep and mourn along with those people in Beslan. This was not a crime against Russia but a crime against all of humanity.
I sympathise with everyone effected by Beslan. I cant read anything in the papers without tears in my eyes.

I've been reading so many different stories and its so heartbreaking. The torture these pure children and parents went through - its unbelievable.

Those poor poor innocent children.

My prayers are with you all.