Urgently Seeking Boots 'new Skin' Or Similar Product

I have injured my shin, more accurately I have badly grazed it. In the UK the simple solution would be to apply Boots New Skin over this very large area. Alas, I have been unable to find it in Kusadasi.

Has anyone had any luck in finding a pharmacy that stocks the Turkish equivalent ? At the moment I have applied a large gel plaster over the area but the dam is gonna break in a few hours.....
Geçmiş olsun
for small grazes I just use ordinary plastic cement, but yours is probably too big.
Thanks Alan and Fleur for your kind help.

In the end I waved the white flag and went to the Hastane on the hill to the emergency admissions around the back and they patched me up after a 5 minute wait. They were very nice and we gained the following info:

New Skin only works on wounds and is useless and indeed counterproductive on serious grazes. My expensive gel plaster dressing was airtight and counterproductive for the same reason.

The doc sterilized the area and then used two layers of gauze, then a medical pad thing on top, a bandage on top of all that and then an elastic sock. He said the key was to let some air in and let nature do the work. Have to go back in two days. Computer was down so the great new 100 lira payment mystery is as yet unresolved.

Wifey is happy as her strategy of dressing was similar. I'd insisted on the new skin and gel pads because I was beginning to leak. Should have had my leg elevated. Wifey always happy when she right and I wrong (which is sadly most of the time). :doh:
So, with the kind help of the pharmacist in one of the pharmacies near the Hastane (the one on the right) the wound is finally under control and on the mend.

Broad based antibiotics (750mg) called Sanocef here in Turkey, also packaging marked as Sefaklor and Sefalosporin and known internationally as Cefalosporin which you can look up on Wikipedia. Amazingly it was first isolated from a sewer in Sardinia. People allergic to antibiotics beware. Two tabs a day.

Majezik (generic name is Flurbiprofen) - an anti-inflammatory used to heal wounds that get stuck at the inflamation stage (the wound cleaning stage) and get the body to start the healing phase. Two tabs a day.

Stafine cream (also generically known as Fusidik or Fusidic) - a cream that inhibits the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria. We covered the wound generously in this stuff and used no dressing at all. So far no scar.

Give this pharmacy (the one with the red sign) your custom if you are up that way. This is not the first time he has shown his brilliance.

Should be back in the pool in three days - yippee!