Kusadasi in the winter

What happens in our favourite town in the wintertime?
Is there anything to do or do people just leave and visit relatives?

I'm curious because i'm considering a move to Turkey.


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Most of the tourists are gone. Some things close for the winter (ie: waterparks..) there are some low season visitors though as Kusadasi is still a beautiful place but it's much less busy and i think some of the animators i chilled with head down to South Turkey in the winter as its hotter there/more tourism there in the winter or something?? i can't remember. I'm not sure what the natives do. Kusa-guy & Viva - do ya's hibernate?
Actually I like Kusadasi more in the winter. It is more calm and the strangers are gone. People are more friendly.
Ok. there are not much to do as in the summer but there are still places to go.
Imagine of a breakfast at Sirince or at the seven sleepers on a shiny sunday morning. (It is mostly shining in the winter. If we get three days of rain, the next three days will be sunny)
It is best to visit the touristic places in the winter as there are not many people around you. ex: Ephesus. Once My friend and I was the only people in Ephesus and it was really fun.
You can go fishing if you like.
Gather with friends and spend the whole day with them. People have more free time.
Take a trip to Izmir once a week. It is cheap for shopping.
Sit home and realize that you have a house. (we only go home for sleeping in the summer.
A lot more to do but I don't remember at the moment. I have to wait for the winter and see.
Kusadasi sounds as nice in the winter if not better than in the summer.I am seriously thinking of trying to get a job in there sometime next year and the wintertime sounds lovely too.I thought that the whole place hibernates in the winter...
Kusadasi's economy turns on tourism.. I am guessing there wouldn't be many positions open during the winter since many of the stores are closed. I am sure you can find a job in summer time but the winter is a big question mark.. at least for me..
So Kusadasi is actualy not a very good place to have a business during the winter time. Sounds real nice though, very relaxed....Maybe I should open up a tea house for women :cheesy:

Why are you leaving for Christmas & New years?