:( Plz can anyone help me? I was in Kusadasi about 2two and half years ago I fell in love with the place I made a very good friend there and I have been in contact with him for nearly two years now, but I have lost his number and I cannot get in contact with him, at the time he worked in Molly Malones in bar street and then went on to do his military service in Cyprus but returned to Kusadasi this year to work again his name was Shadow if anyone knowss where he is just tell him to contact Debby in Irealnd Please. Also my friend and I have just booked our hols for next June 2005 for two weeks in kusadasi cant wait.

Debby :clap:


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Hey Chick, welcome to Kusadasi.Biz forums. I don't know him, but maybe someone on here will. It's a long shot though.

Good luck..! x