Manchester - Fenerbahce: 6 - 2 !!!


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How was a big match - how big tragedy - how big an accident for Fenerbahce fans !!!

at least 11 dead and 70 million injured at seaport in northwestern England.

Fenerbahce defated by Manchester!

Rest in Peace Fenerbahce :cry:

na na na na la la la la
:razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:
:cry: It was really depressing to see them get their ass kicked like that!
Im not a fenerbahce fan, but i was cheering for them, bcause i dont like manchester at all!

Maybe they will have good rematch and kick manchesters ass in istanbul (or am i asking for to much?? :roll: )

Wayne rooney is the MAN.

Go on the United way to go . I am so happy

Umit whats the story on seaport disaster as there isnt 70 mil people in England, Sorry I am a bit lost :shock:

Howaya Charlotte yes you are asking tooooooooooo much. Sorry I am a Man Utd supporter

Love ya
Cok Deli Sue :razz:
Ne haber cok deli Sue? Well congratulations then :clap:

And i guess u r right i am asking for to much, but u can always hope ;) they will do just a little bit better in Istanbul.. Maybe only loose 4-0 this time :roll: