Help and Info required!

Hiya! I need some info from you guys. I'm arriving in Kusadasi on the 11th of Oct for a week. Any special insights as to the best places to go/see, where to eat etc. I'd love to go to a traditional Turkish restaurant as the past two times I've been in Turkey I've not managed to find one!!

Thanks for your help you lovely people :cheesy:


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First off; welcome to the forum and you will welcome to the Kusadasi in a few days ;)

Here are my favourite todo list in Kusadasi;

1- Go to Ladies Beach and watch the sunset while drinking Efes Turkish beer.

2- At night, go to bar street.

3- Try Turkish cuisine everyday; doner, kebab, kofte, ayran, gozleme

4- dont come back without visiting Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis and the indoor museum. (Sun&Fun arranging daily tours to Ephesus with affordable price )

5- Try to go to Siringe Village and eat "gozleme" with "ayran". Also buy a nice wine there ;)

OKey Kusadasi fans, wanna add somethings?
Fabby :clap: Thanks guys!

I went to Ephesus, Pumakkale and the house of the virgin mary a few years ago - with a different boyfriend so I'm dont know how keen this one will be on visiting the same places!

Ladies beach sounds lovely, and I looove the beer so that is def on the to do list!

Does anyone have info on the IDA aparthotels? Please tell me it's not full of grannies!
If you want to go to a good turkish restaurant: I can recommend Urfa Restaurant. Its near the Albatros Leathershop (main shopping street).

If you want to go to a restaurant with all kind of meals i can recommend Saray Restaurant. Its also in the old part of Kusadasi.

If you want to buy some leather bags: go albatros shop, ask for Necip and then tell him that karen from Belgium send you, he will give you a special price then!

take care and enjoy your stay!


ps: nighttimes you can go Yabba Bar or Xtc, its also in the old part town, because i think the bars in bar street will be closed already.