..afer years visiting turkey we have seen many of the places to go ,but now we live here we can take our time now, but top of our list is capadoccia,we will do it this year, after we get all our visitors out of the way when they come ,also i understand it is a 3 day drip on the coach ,with an overnight stay ,so plenty of time to see the beautiful ,turkish country side ,also i understand you can go by plane ,but that would be to quick ,we are really looking forward to it.


Mancunian Crooner
ıve just been readıng about the underground cıty of derınkuyu---fascınatıng stuff for any newcomers to turkey


We went to Cappadocia but from Alanya, where such tours are easy to source. I think it should be possible to source a tour from Kusadasi but I'm sure you could organise your own using the long distance buses.
Hello everyone,

Im looking to go to Cappadocia in August 2015 from Kusadasi by car.

I know it is a long drive, but is there any places to visit on the way and maybe staying in a b&b and making the journey a lot more enjoyable for me two girls.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun, if there is any?

Thanks, Howard.
İ seem to remember we stopped for a night on the lake at Eğidir nr. İsparta...lots of little hotels/cafes there by the lake but can't recall the name of would enjoy as its a pretty spot and lovely driving round the lake - enjoy Cappadoccia its fab!