a lil bit about moi hehe

Name: sian
Nicknames: ..
Age: sweet 16 :cheesy:
Do u Act your age: emm not 16 anyway
Birthday: 30/8/88
Born on what day of the week: dino
Essential make-up item: lip gloss
Favorite actresses/actors: hmm reese witherspoon
Gold or sliver: silver
Where your from: scotland
Instruments you play: none
Job title: skool
Kids: nope
Living arrangements: with ma mum
Phobias: feet lol hate them :roll:
Quote you like:
Unusual habits:
Your favorite season: summer
Whats your favorite colour? pink
How many siblings do you have? none
their ages?
Pets? dog
Favorite Music? hip hop r n b ect

And now for the rest of the list...

The singular most boring question:
wats your name? sian
Are you happy with it? na not realy
Are you named after anyone? nope dont fink so
Your screenname:
Would you name a child of yours after you? no lol
Then what would you name your children? dont have a clue
If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be? hmmm not sure maybe
If you could switch names with a friend, who would that be? ma friend kirsten
Are there any mispronounciations/typos that people do with your name constantly? yep alot!! no1 can say ma name they think its shaun grrrrrr lol
Would you drop your last name if you became famous? na


Your gender: female
Straight/gay/bi? straight
Single? yup
Age? 16
Age you act: about 12 lol
Age you wish you were: 16 :cheesy:
Your height: dino
The color of your eyes: blue
Happy with it? yip
The color of your hair: blond
Happy with it? its ok
Left/right/ambidextrous? right
Your living arrangement? with ma mum
Your family: mum / dad n dog lol
Piercings? ears
Tattoos? nope
Obsessions? shoppin :cheesy:
Addictions? boyz amd shoppin :cheesy:
Do you speak another language? wel a woz learnin french but dino anyway lol
Do you have a webpage? yep www.o0owee-hunni-siano0o.freewebspace.com

DEEP THOUGHTS about life and you in it

Do you live in the moment? not realy
Do you consider yourself tolerant of others? yep
Do you have any secrets? 1 lol
Do you hate yourself? no
Do you like your handwriting? yea
Do you have any bad habits? emmm no
What is the compliment you get most from people? a have a nice colour of hair lol
If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called? crazy mixed up world of moi :razz:
What's your biggest fear? spiders
Can you sing? yea am ok lol
Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool? nope
Are you a loner? nope!
If you were another person, would you be friends with you? yea
Are you a daredevil? no
Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself? emm wel a wish a was a bit taller lol
Are you passive or aggressive? aggressive
Have you got a journal? no
How do you vent?
Do you think you are emotionally strong? not sure :roll:
Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life? not realy
Do you think life has been good so far? yea its been not bad
What is the most important lesson you've learned from life? emm have fun n enjoy ur self!
What do you like the most about your body? ma lips
And least? hips
Do you think you are good looking? emmm.....
Are you confident? not as much as a could be


Smoke? no
Do drugs? no
Read the newspaper? no lol
Pray? no
Go to church? no
Talk to strangers who IM you? yea
Sleep with stuffed animals? yes :oops: lol
Take walks in the rain? nup wel only with a brolly lol
Drive? no
Like to drive fast?


Hurt yourself? no
Been out of the country? yea
Eaten something that made other people sick? no
Been in love? no
Done drugs? have nt a answerd this :roll:
Gone skinny dipping? no
Had a medical emergency? no
Ran away from home? no
Played strip poker? no
Got beaten up? no
Beaten someone up? no
Been picked on? no
Been on stage? no
Slept outdoors? yea
Thought about suicide? no
Pulled an all-nighter? yea
Gone one day without food? no
Talked on the phone all night? no
Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex? no
Slept all day? no
Killed someone? ehhhhh......no!
Made out with a stranger? no
Had sex with a stranger? no
Done anything sexual with the same sex? no
Been betrayed? no :cheesy:
Had a dream that came true? emmm dont think so
Broken the law? no
Met a famous person? yep
Have you ever killed an animal by accident? no
Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? no
Stolen anything? no
Been on radio/tv? no
Had a nervous breakdown? no
Considered religious vocation? no
Bungee jumped? no
Had a dream that kept coming back? no


Cologne/perfume? light blue , cool waters
What are you normally wearing to school/work? shirt trousers/skirt tie jumber
How about parties? watever a feel like wearin
Wear hats? na not realy
Judge other people by their clothing? na
Wear make-up? yea
Favourite place to shop? river island
Favourite article of clothing? jeanz


Believe in life on other planets? yea
Miracles? yea
Magic? no
God? yea
Santa? no but a wish he woz real :(
Ghosts? yea
Luck? yea
Love at first sight? emmm
Yin and Yang that good can't exist without the bad?
Witches? no
Easter bunny? no
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yea
Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? no!
Do you wish on stars? no mite do now lol


Do you have any gay/lesbian friends? no
Who is your best friend? a have 4 laura kirsty gemma n kirsten
Who's the one person that knows most about you? kirsty
What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you? cant remeber
Thing you're picked on most about? man name grrrr
Who's your longest known friend? kirsty
Friends you miss being close to the most? em
Last person you talked to online? gemma
Who do you talk to most online? gemma n kirsten
Who are you on the phone with most? not realy use the phone alot


Are you going out? no
Will it be with your significant other? if a woz then yea
What are you wearing right now? white top n shorts lol
Body-part you're touching right now? none
What are you worried about right now? cleanin up 4 2nite lol
What book are you reading? none
What's on your mousepad? round with poke a dots
Are you bored? a bit
Are you tired? no
Are you talking to anyone online? no
Are you lonely or content? na
Are you listening to music? no am watchin friends :razz:
Yes u can, easier typing than Llynndaa and beats 'shoarma' and other mispronounciations ;)
[how do I change my name on this forum anywho?]


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Llynndaa said:
Yes u can, easier typing than Llynndaa and beats 'shoarma' and other mispronounciations ;)
[how do I change my name on this forum anywho?]
PM me your desired screen name and i will change