Should Turkey join the EU? Please vote!

Should Turkey join the EU?

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Turkey Got Green Light From European Union

Turkey would like to join the EU. Please vote...

And, what do you think?


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This is really Interesting!!!

Here in England there was a Political programe on sunday all about Turkey & the EU.

They had people from various European countries & opinions on there putting there points to & for Turkey Joining.

There were some very good points put across (as well as some very bad ones!!!)

from the opinion i got from the programme, Britain would Like Turkey to join the EU.

one of the points against Turkey were that as such a large country, you would become one of the strongest countries (France & Germany did not like this)

I personnally think that Turkey is a wonderful country & if you joined the EU, the EU would try to change you. (They have already forced a lot of changes within the UK) but i also think that as far as trading & tourism goes, it would be a benefit for Turkey to join.


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There are plus sides, like the trading etc.. but it seems that ever since we have joined the EU, the cost of living has risen dramatically!!

everything has risen, the cost of property has gone sky high, local taxes, car tax, food costs, everything!!

Wages have risen, the EU has a set minimum wage that must be met by all employers to keep earning throughout the EU on a par.

this is obviously nice to earn more, but the wage increase doesnt cover the increase in cost of living and alot of peopel are really struggling to afford to live.

this may have happened if we didnt join the EU anyway, i guess we will never know.

I think the main people to benefit are the businesses ...especailly traders, as it is so much easier for them to buy & sell in the EU than it was previously.

I don't like how the EU has a control over our Government though. I think many things have been passed by the government that the british people would not have voted in.
Kusadasi-Guy said:
Turkey would like to join the EU. Please vote...

And, what do you think?
Turkey should join EU.. I think it will have many benefits as Claire said..
K-guy, Do you know what is the closest date that Turkey can join EU??
It should take many years to prepare something for that..


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as far as i know that the joining date is 2015.

and Claire, Germans says the same and thats why i am not sure joining the EU.
Kusadasi-Guy said:
as far as i know that the joining date is 2015.

and Claire, Germans says the same and thats why i am not sure joining the EU.
PHEW.. That's a long time.. I don't think EU would last that long.. Or there may be another world war before that*knocks on wood*.. so that's a looong time..
Absoutely they should join the EU. They only reason why they arent now is bcause they r a islamic country.
It's okay to take poor eastern europe countrys in the Eu, and will probally make a mess with the economie (of course we will pay for them :evil: ) but it's not all right to talke in a islamic country just bcause their religion... It's rediculess.
And a shame so many people think that Turkey r dangerous bcause they r muslims! But that just shows how ignorante some people r
Hmzz I find this very difficult topic Mr Kus...But i will try and express what i think about it.

* Turkey joining the EU is sort of a reward for the example the country sets by being the only islamic country that has separted 'church' and 'state'.

* Turkey joining will hopefully lead to lesser tension in the multi-cultural community of Western-Europe. Turkish natives living in Western-Europe will see the fact that their country joins the EU as proof that they themselves are not second rate citiziens.

* By their membership, i feel the EU will be forced to reform the municipal agriculture policy, which should be a blessing for all consumers, tax payers and even third world countries.


* Does Turkey have strong intitutions/policies for an effective controle over budget and reduction of inflation? I believe Turkey agreed to something but the Central Bank is not independent yet. (i'm not sure on this)

* Human rights issues; I feel Turkey should meet the criteria which were once made up in Copenhagen. Securing of democracy and protection of minorities amongst others.

At the moment there is a big focus on the aldulterers issues, and ofcourse the whole muslim fear thing that's going on (thank you George W!).
The whole muslim thing i think is bull-bok but i read in the newspaper that Erdogan had recently suggested that students from deep religious schools were to be taken in by regular universities.

This I think is these sort of communities are proven to be a feeding ground for religious fundamentalists. The feeling is that this could imply that Erdogan would like to undo the separation between 'church' and 'state' when Turkey is taken in by the EU. But than again this is the fear of people speaking.

Personally I don't think the people of Europe are ready yet for Turkey to join, because they fear that their country will be flooded with Turkish people looking for the (lower income) jobs.

I think we can say that in Holland this is a big issue, a lot of Eastern European people have come lately and perform jobs that Dutch people also realy need right now (but the foreign people will do the same job for less that's easy decision-making for bosses). As budgets are being cut and social securities and pensions are the areas that are suffering, people rather not have foreigners comming, because then their own future is at risk.

As for the Turkish people in holland...I can't speak for them, maybe BabyCool can, but i feel there still is a lot of hostillity against them, and other foreigners for that matter, all due to non-intergration [this is ofcourse a generalisation, please forgive me] and difference in culture. So for turkish people who want to move to Holland I think they have a hard time. They should realy consider what is expected of them in the community as it is today. And must accept that daily life and values are miles from what they are used to in their home country.

Overall...economicly there are a lot of pro's i think and negotiations will proceed and Turkey will join.

Pfoei...this turned in to quite a long story. If somebody feels offended, sorry don't take it personal.
In France, this topic is everywhere. When we watch tv, when we read newspapers... Everybody is "thinking" about that. But lots people don't agree with this enter.

I know it's not an economic problem, there are lots of factories in Turkey. Like in Poland, it's very interesting for France. They say that the problem is a little bit economic, but I don't believe them.

They are just affraid, becos of religion. That's the only think which make lot of frenchs disagreeing with Turkey in Europe. 10 or 15 years, before joining Europe they think it's not enough. Malta waited maybe 5 years max o join Europ. But there Divorce is forbidden...

The turkish women get voting rights 10 years before France. It had been a laic state since more than 80 years. But french are still affraid. Of attentates? We had four this week...

I hope, after 10 years, it will change. And that Turkey will give us its culture, its history and all the good things it has by joining EU... ;)


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Thanks for your review Croushy ;)

EU should not become a Christian Union... Thats also againts its aims. We are all aware that most of the EU citizens think that religion is problem for Turkey. But i dont think so.

EU should approve Turkey's membership and utilize Turkey's labour force, natural sources, young population...etc
my opinion is that, turkey should join the EU!

the flirt between EU & Turkey is really a long story which is something like an indian movie...

Turkey has applied for membership for EU in 1963 and the countries which had worse economy than turkey in that years like portugal and greece had the membership of EEC (former of the EU).

well last year, new members baltic states, hungary, poland etc. has joined eu too and the sum of these country's poluation is same with turkey.

and in next wave, bulgaria and romania will be the members of the EU too and i even don't need to say that these country's econmies are very worse than turkey...

well, after 10-15 years (means i will be 40-45 years old) we will be a part of the EU too at the end.

it's even a good sign to proove that in which leauge we are playing inside. turkey is a democracy for 80 years and the democracy is becomming a part of "tradition" slowly.

well, let's have a look what we turks can give to the EU:

1. while the USA was takin the energy sources of the world in the mide east, the EU's policy was so weak and the USA has even didn't get it serious the oppsition of the EU.

2. EU was even lack of to stop war just near their border in Yugoslavia so they are actually having to host the immigrants from albania, kosova, sirbia or bosnia. the most of these people have lived a war and many of them don't have anything to lose...

3. countries like the USA, china, brazil or india are growing very faster than EU.

4. EU is lack of to found its own military. the request of the EU to use NATO resources to have an army has rejected by another NATO member Turkey.

5. EU population is getting old, Germany will even not able to pay the salaries of their retired people in 50 years if they will not able to find enough migrants who will produce.

6. to keep turkey inside of EU will make the money of the EU inside of the EU too. turkey has a great market for EU which will make unemployment rate less in the EU. Money is not good when it's dead, it shoud be cycle!

7. the construction of turkey will never be like reconstion of iraq or algeria or any similar country. we have a very diffrent economical, historical, cultural background from these countries. turkey has chosen to be a democracy which will care the rights of its citizens from the time of the last times of the ottomans. turkey is never been a colony of any country.

8. Russia is another union agaist the EU so the membership of the Belarus, Ukraine or Russia are not actual.

9. By the membership of turkey, EU will have power in central asia and on mide east too. in central asia, there are many turkic countries (that they speak a very similar language with we turks) which are over energy resources. Also the mide east was a part of Ottomans for 500 years and Turks are still affective in middle east!
Hello Everybody,this is first ever effort at joining in on the net, so please forgive me if it's not very good.
I think Turkey ought to be allowed to join the E.U.
I have visited lots of countries and speak as I find: Turkish people are among the most friendly I have found, and are always willing to help with any problem .
The Turks don't seem to take offence at other people not attempting to speak Turkish, personally I always try to say a few words in my dim way, and with an awful accent.
I was in Germany recently and visited a V.W. plant, a good proportion of skilled staff were Turkish, my few Turkish words were well received.
The Koran honours Jesus as a prophet , and respects other religions.Only people make trouble,not the teachings .

Regards llew
Hello from Athens Greece... i was trying for years to find an english speaking forum in Turkey in order to speak with Turks. Really cool effort (never been to Turkey though... )

I don't know what's the issue is in other EU countries, but in Greece, very few people speak about the Turkey's entrance in EU!! Most greeks don't want Turkey in the EU, but the problem is we don't todays turkey enter the EU... what about Turkey einai 15 to 20 years ? (everybody in other countries speaks about a very long period till the day of Turkeys entranve in the EU. ) Greece no longer sais no... and out of the sudden the rest countries remembered all the problems between Greeks And Turks... everybody talks about the (unsolved?) cyprus issue... In order to become a full member in the EU you need to be accepted by every single country that is a member of the eu.... that means that it's going to be really difficult to become a full member... Let's see...
I had some greek guests here in Istanbul and they really suprised to see that here's not the country as they use to think in Greece, here is really a very better country that its image in rest of the europe.
I can't agree more with all the intelligent remarks these young people from all over Europe (almost) put in this poll. It is indeed not easy to understand the discussion the "wise men" (mainly men, mind) keep on and on to keep Turkey out. Maybe indeed the big two France and Germany are the most anti. They sould know better, especially Germany, where a lot of Turks found their second, sometimes temporary home. The germanturks or turkishgermans I met in Kusadasi in my hotel this summer were cicilized, polite, friendly with well educated childer. Ther Serviriers on the contrary were rude, loud, ill behaving, always sneaking in front of you in the lift or at the buffet. Undiciplined children, careless parents letting their babies cry. Once a Turk took the baby out of the buggy, walked around wiht him Turkish style, on his arm, the baby was immediately quiet. His own father just went on stuffing his food in his mouht. I small observation from Holland.
Every dutch person having been to Turkey praise the friendliness and chivalry of the Turkish people: male, female, children, you people, old people.
Maybe we should present the so called decisionsmakers with an introduction to Turkish history, combined with a tour through this beatiful, rich of culture and civilisation country......
turquoise entering the eu isn't going to be easy... i think that the president of the Christian Democrats was more honest when she said about a special status of turkey, but not full membership. I think most turks are going to be really dissapointed during the next 6 months, because i don't see any european politician be willing to allow such a big islamic country enter the Christian Europe.


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So, what do u think about that politicians opinion?

Basically, Turkey should join to EU or not?

Thats what we try to discuss here ;)