buying a property in kusadasi

I am going back out to Kusadasi this month, this time to look for a villa.

Would like to hear from anybody who knows anthing about doing this.

Any advice would be appriciated.

(Posted this on friday but was removed no idea why? )


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there is only one thing i am sure about that please dont trust real estate websites about Turkey & Kusadasi on the internet. Just come to Kusadasi and you will find some reliable agencies in the downtown (not more than 2-3 unfortunately).
I agree with Kusadasi guy..
We have just come back from there and done just what you have asked about.. We found the web-pages and sites quite mis-leading to be honest, You have to go there to see whats around.
There are some great agents there though, not at all like the "estate agents" we have here in the UK.. We found them to be very helpful (first big difference to agents herer) hahaha and not pushy either..

Prices are very good for us Brits at the minute out there but one thing I will say is.. work out your budget and stick to it!.. it's easy to leave your brain on the plane and not think about what you are doing..
If you want a place for rentals too.. be carefull where you buy too.. not everywhere is that suitable for the lazy holiday market.. :)
Enjoy what ever you buy.
Take care


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Thank You so much Finchie, and please can you tell me that when you in Kusadasi then you can easily find the properties, right? Thats easy....

Kusadasi.BiZ is really very good website about Kusadasi and we received numerous co-operation requests from that kind of misleading agencies. Of course, i denied all of the requests. i dont want to earn that kind of money!...

And all most everyday, we received "home in kusadasi" emails.... i will show your post them.

Thank You.
Hello Kusadasi-guy.
We found the agents we delt with to be wonderful to be honest..
I think if somebody keeps there wits about them and gets a "good feeling" from a person.. instinct will not fail you.
We was given advice on where would suit us to buy and where not to bother with.. The prices in some areas seem so good on first sight, but.. for us.. we wanted somewhere for holidays.. so didn't want to have to walk too far and not want to have to hire a car just to go to the shops.. We ened up buying almost right on-top of Ladies Beach..
We had our hand help right through the purchase and was given all the information we needed. The agent opened bank accounts and did all the legal stuff for us.. I can't sing the praises of the Turkish agents I met loud enough..They were professional and very friendly.
It is soooooo much better then buying a property over here..
take care
Thank you both for your advice.

I was going to fly out on my own but have met a local estate agent that is arranging a trip out for several clients on the 18th.

I am not sure whether to go with them to have contacts in both countries to assist me, but dont know if this will restrict me seeing a unbiased selection of properties.

They assure me as I am paying for this myself I will be free to look around freely and will not pressure me.

Finchie you seemed to have managed it ok on your have you completed your purchase now? and was there any problems that I should look out for.

Kusadasi-guy I know you cannot recomend any agents in Kusadasi but is there anyway I can check when I am out there if they are reputable firm. do they have to have any sort of licence.

The sort place I will be looking for will be a villa close to the beach or with a pool for about £30000 there are loads on the net but will I be disapointed when I arrive.

We did manage ok when we was there..
You shouldn't be under any pressure when you are out here.. if you know what you are looking for don't be talked into something your not happy with.
We went with much the same "wants" too.. but we did over spend a bit.. (ooops). only by a bit though and we did get a great location. I said I did find the sites a little mis-leading.. Properties are being sold fairly quick now so the pictures are a bit out of date.. but there are still some little gems to be found.. they might take a bit of looking for though. There are loads of agents there and all of them will be more helpful than you can imagin.. Lets face it, you are used to agents in the UK!!!
We didn't have any problems (touch wood) and should get our title deeds in a week or two. We gave our agent power of attorney to sort out all the utilities for us and pay the final balance on the property. They have been great.
If there is anything I can help with.. I will be happy to pass on anything I picked up along the way..
take care
Thanks for your help.

Please let me know when you complete.

How much do you think it has cost you for all your purchasing fees and what do you expect to pay per year for the upkeep and maitenance.

I will let you know how I get on out there.

Many thanks
My mammy and daddy are flying ouon sunday to get a house in kusadasi..cant wait!! :wave: they have already arranged appointments to look at houses out there. when they come back i will let u know how they got on out there