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The hotel looks very nice on pix but we have removed them few months ago becuase of customer complaints and we will never put them on our hotels list.

And they are too far away from the city center.

You can find better hotel in Kusadasi.


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Better one!
Close to city center.

But if you can, get offers for
Tropicana Hotel or Grand Blue Sky.
You can also get an offer from our travel agency Sun&Fun.

BTW, Adakule Hotel will join my personal BAN list. They are the worst 5 Star Hotel in Kusadasi and i will remove their page at our hotels.asp

And also, they have (Adakule Hotel) illegal materials in their website and i will sue them. This Hotel's booking manager is so rude and they serve very bad services. If the hotel was okey, then why i sue them becuase of using our copyrighted multimedia matterials?

So, my personal recommendation is try to get offer for BlueSky and Tropicana Garden Beach Hotel.
Thanks for all of your help, in the end only cheap deal I could get was the Ephesia hotel.

Being I am only going to be useing this as a base while I look round for a villa to buy hope it wont be to bad.

So I will be flying out on my own on the 18th, if anybody else is going to be out there at the same time let me know and perhaps we can meet up for a drink.

Tropicana garden hotel is closed from the end of september this year which is dreadful so you also could try the palmin and although its a fabulous hotel the staff are not a patch on the tropicana