Just got back

Hi guys!
Just got back from Izmir and Kusadasi last night!
I had a great time with my fiancee and we went to Ankara (embassy)! Ankara is to big for me :roll: !!!! and cold !!!!

Anyway, stayed most of the time in Izmir but went to kusadasi twice: I can tell you: it is really dead for the moment! Not much to do actually!
Almost every bar is empty and some of them are already closed!
A little bit dissapointed I guess...

Izmir was nice: sometimes it rained, but didn't mind it...
I went to Karsiyaka, Buca, Kordon, Konak, Sirinyer,... i also went to visit the teleférique! It such a nice place to go and what a vieuw!!!!

If any of you has questions: just ask :wave:
Boo said:
Hi Sue,

Memnum oldum!

I think i can be part of the cok deli club too! for applicationinfo, just ask Charlotte :razz:
U r defentnally a member of the COK COK deli gang :razz:

Karen is right, telehopne bar is very nice, has a lovely atmhosphere, also if u wanna listen to live turkish music try the Kordon, there r lots of bars there
One nice bar to recommend at Kordon is Carnevale.

Very nice club with nice atmosphere and live female singer!

Too nice not to give it a try!!!!