Ercinzan Restaurant

For a while we were struggling to find more Turkish than Tourist Restaurants with a nice atmosphere which wasn't run like a glorified canteen. We had eaten here a few times in the past but forgot how good it really is. As we are only eating out a couple of evenings and maybe some lunch times, we tend to frequent the same places. Last week we went back here and I had the most tasty pan dish, and hubby had an ottoman tasty. Again we went back last night and it is safe to say I had another speciality plate and himself had steak Diane. The dishes were served with beautiful fresh veg, wedges and rice. They also do a Testi kebab cooked in a clay pot, which is also fab. The steak hubby had the charcoal flavour. There was of course the complimentary blow up bread, and a fantastic range of Meze and starters to choose from.

We also had the house wine which was a nice fruity red. There is not much more that I can say other than, we will definitely be back again. Great food great service without all the smooze, btw this little gem is behind the main mosque of post office street, and it opens up into a lovely little courtyard.
Thank you - we will be husband was stationed in Erzincan during his military service! We do of course have quite a lot of Turkish food at home - I am lucky!....
Our favourite too. When we came to Kusadasi the very first time in 1998. we only had 2 weeks holidays and as always had booked B&B. We ate 3 times Indian - at that time there was a very good indian restaurant on the promenade - 1 time a grilled chicken with salad in one of the smaller restaurants and all the other evenings we went to Erzincan. And we have never been disappointed.


We went there once and while the food was good I thought the place lacked atmosphere- it was early in the evening however and there was only one other couple there so that might account for the lack of atmosphere- will keep it in mind for October.
Have to say if you want the atmosphere eg you feet and else where kissed don't go here....but if you want great food without the canteen feel certainly give it a go.

Plus side is fab food we have tried an assortment of dishes and have never been disappointed, the only negative is the street is a little quiet, but the restaurant opens into a lovely garden.


A bit quiet was what I meant by lacking atmosphere- anyone kissing any part of my anatomy isn't atmosphere- it's a downright put-off. An almost empty restaurant when most other places have a decent sprinkling of people often means something is not quite right- not always true, but frequently is. We found the food in Ercizan was quite good when we visited and would be tempted again next time we are in Centrum- preferably when it has a few other customers in!