Imbat Hotel, Kusadasi

Just got back after my 7th visit to Kus and 1st visit to Imbat. Here is my review of Imbat
Location: Amazing, just like paradise, private beach, private decking areas with walkways into sea, water sports, could not be beaten!
Pool: Fantastic, lots of sun loungers and umbrellas, seperate pools for children and babies.
Rooms: Great size, lots of storage space, tv & fridge (that doesn't really go cold) aircon (during early morning and night) and rooms not properly cleaned, bins would be changed daily as would towels but mopping, brushing and polishing 3 times during 2 weeks.
All inclusive
Food: Warm, sloppy, salty and greasy. Dinner food would be served again for breakfast if it hadn't been eaten the night before.
Snack time foods: A choice of hamburger, chips or waffle, that were all cold and tasteless.
Bar: The alcohol and soft drinks were provided in tiny cups (4 cups to make a pint) bars were only open at certain times of the day,so you may be on the beach sunbathing and have a very Long walk just to get a drink. The lunch time meals where 12.30-2 in the dining room but the bar in the dining room closed about 1.20 which meant going to a different part of the hotel for a drink with lunch.

Just don't think think this hotel understand the All Inclusive concept, they have just tried to save as much money as possible. It is such a shame because it is absolutely beautiful and if they food was better I would honestly return every year. It was so short staffed it was unbelievable. There would be one bar open of an evening and only 2 members of staff. Most of the staff where friendly but some were very unpleasant and it's hardly surprising if the hotel is so short staffed and they are working so hard.

Very disappointed with Imbat,would never say it was 4 star. Only 4 star location!
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It's at the end of ladies beach. Yes we had a great holiday thanks, lucky enough we had enough spends to eat out and try different restaraunts. Was just disappointing after paying a lot of money and not being able to eat in the hotel xxxx


Black Knight
The Imbat is at the end of Ladies beach.
Old House Restaurant where we play our open knockout darts evenings on a Wednesday is very close by.
No wonder so many people pop in for a drink and great value meals from the hotel.
totally agree Ben ..was at the old house last week pleasantly surprised great food and 5.80 T l for a large beer...I believe your darts team are there tonight will probably pop down ,depending what time her indoors gets back from Ikea ;)