Turkish Course In Kusadasi?


Mancunian Crooner
ı thınk you should enquıre at the town hall ım sure ı remember them provıdıng a course.There are englısh speakers there who could help you.
I'd defo be interested if it fitted in with my school runs!!? I seem to have hit a very boring level now with conversation in Turkish. After basic pleasantries and odd words I get a bit stuck!! Hope the course runs??? :)


Black Knight
During the last few winters the Belidiye has provided a free Turkish lessons to expats.
The lessons were at the Belidiye learning center just down from Koctas opposite Migros next to the Main coach station dolmas terminus.
The building has a pointed roof and was supposed to be a fish market but never happened.
The only downside was the lessons were 4pm to 6pm 5 days a week.
Hopefully this winter they maybe in the mornings 2 or 3 times a week, at a good time to give older expats a chance of remembering this year :)
Turkish is very different than most languages. Verb stays at the end of a Turkish sentence. Turkish is hard to learn, hard to understand the logic. Native Turkish speakers learn English hardly for the same reason. I am still not perfect though I have spoken English since more than 20 years.

You should buy language books and a big dictionary, also should ask questions to persons who speak Turkish and English. It's hard to attend a scheduled course for most adults as all we have tons of things to do everyday. If you don't have enough time for courses, try to learn it yourself from books. I learned more things by myself by just reading books than my formal education at schools and universities. Make practice, don't hesitate to speak Turkish when you are outside.
İ do agree - i passed A level French at College but really could not speak it that
well - it was only when İ was all the time with a French speaking family that İ became a fluent speaker - my written French not that great even now - the courses would be helpful though and maybe a social event also for many of us - would need to see how often as İ don't drive nor live nr Ladies Beach - will wait for updates....:-D (thnx Expatroy)
Hi all, my husband and I are moving to Kusadasi this month and would be very interested in learning Turkish with Korhan. Tried to do so much online and with dictionaries but everything seems so confused or maybe that is just us!!! :confused:
Korhan spoke to me today and wants names for the 5 lira lessons which he will take in his apartment behind ladies beach. Please pm me with your contact details if you are interested:)
We went last night, 3 of us, 5 lira each. Excellent, started with all of the ways to be polite and introduce yourself to Turkish people, very handy. Next week we will cover many nouns and verbs, feedback was excellent:) If you want to get a few people together he will willingly teach you whenever you like. He does say he prefers a max 4 people per group so he can give better tuition, and he does have English lessons for Turkish people some nights after 6-00 pm so it would be more probable before this time, any day of the week. Obviously you'd be better in a lesson with people of the same knowledge. You can contact him on 05555470656. Maybe this would allow him to get a group of you together. He teaches in his apartment which is based across the road from the football stadium, on the way to Ladies Beach:) So, phone him, let him know if you are a novice or have better knowledge, and he'll get back with you to let you know if he has others of the same ilk and can suggest a time and day? Come on, 5 lira per hour, what have you got to lose????
Is anyone interested in forming a daytime session? I would love to go but I'm a home alone mum with 2 kids and can only go during the day. If anyone is interested give us a message and I will ring Korhan again and try to arrange.:)