favourite restaurants

My fave restaraunt was 1 - A grand restaraunt. The food was amazing (we had traditional Turkish stuff) the waiters were friendly but stayed out your way and the restaraunt itslef was gorgeous. They had an out door part with trees and little candles then an indoor part done as a cosy living room - loved it!!!
hey i was out there for 8 weeks (27th june-24th August) i only started to go to murphys on the 1st week of august. i new a good lot of them dont no all there names though :roll: forget them.. but i know eugene & eddie murphys was good..drink was while cheap
**claire** said:
Where was this turkish restuarant?? it sound's interesting??

what kind of food did you have??
It was looooovely! It is at the top of the main road that had planet Yuccca and all the shops on. IF you walk along that road, past the bar street entrence and just past the taxi rank you will see 1 - A on the left. It is not open fronted though so you have to go up a few wee steps to get there. The ceiling is covered in Ivy, there are trees inside, candles and nice relaxing music - like acoustic sets and stuff, not your bloomin kiss kiss pish!

We had turkist cuts of meats along with some mezes to start all of that washed down with a couple of bottles of wine - really nice Turkish wine as well. The meats were lamb, chicken, steak and some koftas, wit lots of cous cous on the side. Ohhhhh it was great!!!!!
ye i knew eddie murphy,i dont think i know euegene, i can remember all of them. i think bout them everyday, i hate being back home. my favourite andhe was so funny was wee hasan.
im not sure if i know hasan...i would probly know him but not his name. aye thats the same as me with the boys in jimmys & kittys - i still think about them wishing i was there everyday lol ...are u going back next yr
yes i am going back next year for 3 weeks. this year i didnt try any where else, everytime we walked past murphys they were telling use we be better in paddys. we loved it.
hey yea them restaurants were good andy!!! i think bout them all to!!!! then i make myself all sad wishin i was out there!!!! lol

you are right cam!! least they are good for something like!!!! lol

i liked green island restaurant on the promenade and they had a nice one at my hotel hmmm but all the ones i visited seemed to be very nice
goldielocks i know which u mean that ones very nice and is very actractive to passers by xx
Yaylakoy.... Ertan Restaurant

15km out of Kusadasi on the Soke road, Yaylakoy is a lovely village and especially renowned for its fresh lamb.

Some 15-20 butchers compete for your business and around 12 of these also combine their butcher business with a restaurant offering the best range of meat dishes in Kusadasi.

Ertan Restaurant is a large open plan establishment and provides a relaxed atmosphere for all age groups.

Its one of the larger restaurants in Yaylakoy and I took a group of friends for lunch yesterday after being recommended there last week by some of our hotel guests.

I must say I am totally impressed.

The wide range of meze and starters was overwhelming. Fish and Meat dishes were varied and cooked to perfection.

9 Adults, all starters (Meze) 8 Main Meat dishes and one fish dish - all drinks and the bill came to 93YTL.

Would definitely recommend a visit.