So:- Its A Conservative Majority, What Do You Think?


Mancunian Crooner
well we,ll see ıf cameron keeps hıs promıses wıthout ınterference from clegg whıch has been hıs excuse ın the past and ı hope ukıp contınue to be a thorn ın theır sıde so ıssuesare dıscussed that were once a no-go area.My bıggest concern ıs cameron wantıng to enshrıne overseas brıbe---er aıd money ınto law when ıt could do so much ın the uk.Good rıddance to mıllıband,balls,cable but ı,d really lıke to see the back of all of them---self servıng thıeves,hypocrıtes,lıars,u-turners and pedo shıelders--and those leechıng old bstrds ın the house of lords need brıckıng up ın ıt! Well thats my mıldest opınıon of them lol.
İ don't expect them to get another term...but let's see...the rich & privileged will continue to prosper AnnieB was the people's choice in the end...
More important for us is the election here in June. I am in the UK at the moment and the general feel for Turkey is very negative. Several friends have switched holiday destinations because of the political scene and the reported high cost of eating and "drinking" out if you don't want to be confined to an all inclusive deal.
Miketutun is correct. UK doesn't change much if the governing party changes. But Turkey changes almost completely. Therefore elections in Turkey are more important.
Simply because immigrants in the UK is on the increase.
Those immigrants are mostly EU citizens. Because UK doesn't accept Turkish -and similar- citizens as immigrant even as tourist. UK can do nothing with those immigrants as long as those immigrants are EU citizens.
Few years ago, I heard complaints on Romanian immigrants in the UK. But UK can do nothing with them since Romania is an EU member.
@kibris...."leeching old Bstds in the House of Lords need bricking up
Oh that bit did make me laugh !

So the good news is Liberals,Labour and Russell Brand all gone.Now we need the BBC Dimblebys and co. to follow.
Watch the Tory backbenchers now they have been let off their leashes,they have been chomping on the bit with knashered teeth for 5 years......Funnily enough the Sky's headline today was Rosy cheeks Cameron has reached out to the backbenchers.get the popcorn in and enjoy the show!


to be honest i'm glad the tories won,even though i did not vote for them. business has been good these last 3 years and as i approach retirement i have been able to let up without cutting back.the last 2 years with labour were a personal nightmare,i went back to work after christmas 2008 with only 2 days booked and nothing on the horizon. i am now booked solid for 8 weeks ahead and still the phone keep ringing.whatever the politcos say most people have more money in their pocket now than 5/6/7 years ago and are spending it


Mancunian Crooner
People were frıghtened of a labour snp govenment.UKIP got nearly 4 mıllıon votes-- more than snp and lıb combıned so are a rısıng party even though they only have 1 seat.Wıthout ukıp, ımmıgratıon would not even be dıscussed by the other partys--neıther would we be offered a referendum on the EU---cameron better keep hıs promıse thıs tıme around--but he,s such a lıar!I wonder how many people voted tactıcally to keep labour out---theyve been nearly wıped out ın scotland.