Pammukale Day Trip By Public Transport

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The drive to Pammukale is about 3 hours but an easy drive.

Have you tried the coach companies: Pamukkale and Kamil Koc? Otherwise it may be an organised trip thro' a local agent.
Great thread this and having been inspired by it decided to do a trip to Pamukkale by train whilst on our recent holiday. Note if you are travelling from the other side of Kusadasi then Camlik train station rather than Selcuk is better which is the stop after Selcuk. We got there on the Davutlar Aydin dolmus which drops you straight outside the station which is in the middle of nowhere and does feel like you are in a Michael Palin travel documentary complete with chickens on the line and a sadly shut but beautiful café area - just a bit better than British Rail!

Train journey as mentioned bob on time and very comfortable and air conditioned. No buffet car but there is somebody coming along the carriages selling simits, water and juice. Easy to find the bus station at Denizli and then just 20 mins to Pamukkale. Rather than do a day trip we did it the leisurely way and stayed 2 nights at the Melrose View Point which was excellent. Got to our hotel about 3pm and then scoped out the restaurants and where you go to get in etc. We could then spend the whole of the next day enjoying Pamukkale which was truly breathtaking - note our hotel drove us up to the top gate free of charge so worth asking if staying over - and then travelled back early afternoon the following day after enjoying a nice Pide lunch.

Very quite at night in Pamukkale village as most people do day trips rather than stay but if you do eat out at night Lamukos Lokanta is a must. Run by a Japanese lady and serving stunning Asian cuisine if you fancy something different - she does do Turkish food as well though. It was so good we went back the second night also.

We travelled back on a Saturday and as boarding at Denizli being the start of the route got a seat no problem however the train become very crowded with standing room only after Nazili. Saw one going the other way where everyone was jammed in like sardines so probably worth avoiding the train at weekends if possible.

Overall the trip was the highlight of the holiday so thanks for the inspiration.


Great post with lots of detail. We're planning to do this trip next week. Can someone please advise what number dolmus we need to take from Kus to Selcuk and roughly how long does it take? We normally drive but there's too many of us for the car. Thanks in advance
The Selcuk dolmus doesn't have a number (I think that's just the internal Kusadasi services). You can get on it where the dolmus' stop by the top end of where the Friday market used to be. They leave about every 20 mins and take about half an hour to get to Selcuk. Can't remember whether it's 9 or 10 lira these days.

Train station is about ten minutes walk from the dolmus station
We`ll have a hire car for our next visit, for the first time. What`s the situation regarding regarding drink? Is it like in UK where you are allowed one or two but no more?