Single Woman Going On Holiday Alone To Kusadasi

Hi. I spent a week in Kusadasi in July with a friend & absolutely loved it. I want to go back at tge end of September but I'd be going on my own. I've gotten a great price for the Tuntas Apart hotel that seems to be very near Ladies Beach (an area I'm familiar with). I guess what I'm asking is for any tips for me about being alone in Kusadasi? I found when I was there in July all the locals were extremely friendly so I know people will talk to me :). I'd appreciate any thoughts on this matter. Thank you in advance ;-)


While I've never actually gone to kusadasi on my own, I've been out and about on my own many times. Just behave as you would anywhere else you would be on your own, would be my advice. In other words, be sensible, mind your possessions and keep your wits around you,enjoy the inevitable banter but don't take it seriously, don't walk down dark alleys late at night it above all else relax and enjoy yourself. Tuntas apartments are lovely, the hill will ensure a bit of exercise and you will love the Ladies Beach area.
As with all areas, be sensible. I would and do travel to Kusadasi alone and have never had any difficulties. Most tourist areas are very safe and staff in restaurants and bars will always do there best to make you feel safe and comfortable. There is always plenty of holiday makers who will talk and are friendly so you will never feel alone. Hope you have a good time, Relax and enjoy :)
I love to be in my own company. Eating out is not a problem and one of my favorite activities is to walk from Batihan Hotel on Long Beach to Davutlar. Splashing along the shoreline there is always plenty to see and lots of cafes to stop at for drinks, snacks or lunch.