Hello everyone-

i was just wondering about all the different wedding traditions around the world..and i thought what a great place to find out..since we have all these wonderful people from all around the globe in this forum..(although i know that its kusadasi forum..i am sorry),BUT it includes weddiings in Turkey offcourse!!

I'll tell a little about our tradition well,the Hindu tradition anyway-

Firstly its a 3 day celebration-it starts on the friday where there are activities at the brides home with HER friends and family, and seperate activities at the grooms home with HIS friends and family.there is no meat or alchohol for these days and also maybe a couple weeks before the wedding there is fasting from meat and alchohol.

on friday night its called the "cooking night"thats where both the bride and groom's home cooks ALOT of food and everyone comes over theres eating and dancing entertainment,the bride stays inside(well is supposed to anyway,when i got married i was outside dancing with everyone..the real traditional hindus were in SHOCK there jaws dropped "what the hell is she doing out here?")this goes on unitl maybe 1-2 am.there are drums that they play also its called TASSA..about 5 men with five different types of drums all beating at the same time.

yes so the bride or dulahin (the hindu word) stays inside and is supposed to be papmered and resting for the big day.offcourse who could rest when its YOUR very own wedding happening.anyway.so for the 3 days the bride and groom do not see each other at all.

the second night which is the saturday ,thats the day of the ceremony..the groom comes over to the girls house with his entourage in a very VERY decorated car,he sits on the stage and awaits his bride.then she comes out ..everyone stands and she goes over and sits next to him ,hes seeing her for the first time in her oufit(which he also hasnt seen)so the ceremony begins it takes maybe 3-4 hrs .after this the bride leaves her house..everyone cries :cry: :cry: :wave: well her family beacuse she is leaving them and she goes with the groom.(parents here are attached to there children so its very hard to let go)also on this day there are lots of food and entertainment the bride wears GARARA which is a full gown like skirt either red or pink very worked up with gold thread etc.the guy wears a KURTA suit..which is usually in a cream or white color its a long shirt like top maybe as long as to reach the knees and a trouser of the same color.
and a scarf a long scarf around the neck maybe in the color of the brides outfit.
there is also tassa on this day..the two tassa groups meet up,the grooms and the brides and well..they have a play off!

the third day which is now Sunday the groom puts on his show "the reception"a lavish spread lots of food drinks PARTYING!!!!and then the throwing of the bouquet and the garter.the bride either wears an indian outfit maybe gold or cream or white any color really..or a traditional wedding dress the groom wears a suit or a black KURTA suit..

and then off they go to the honeymoon!

i cant wait to read about some other traditions..i have never been to any other kind of wedding before!

lots of luv