Fake/replica Clothing, Shoes, Accessories

Hi there,
I have been to Turkey, and found that the replicas/fakes that they sell in marketplaces are really good quality and cheap.
So my question is simple - what are the website, to buy that kind of stuff online? Shoes, clothing, accessories, etc.
Back at home, in Lithuania, there are few sellers who sell that kind of stuff and are doing pretty well, so I want to hop on board as well, but of course they are not giving away their sources.
Please help me, any information is valuable.


Mancunian Crooner
looks lııke a few of us been stung by the erratıc sızes--ı take a tape measure wıth me now--the leather belts man has gıven up on me after ı shout ELASTIC at hım and show hım my elastıcated waıstband!
First time I bought winter trousers ( Corduroy) for my husband was in the market, he was a 42 inch waist at the time....the Turkish equivalent was a 52 measuring with a Turkish tape measure......lol


I learnt about the measuring tape through the error of bringing home jeans that ended up fitting nobody - even though I've s reasonably good eye!