love the shamrock boys

Umit said:
why they dont hire barmaids for male customers?
I must agree (though I like a barman best myself), there are loads of blokes from all over and they only get to flirt with girls from all over, but unfortunatly for the blokes, the girls are only interested in the barman. I feel very sorry for all you guys :(

One of my friends was in Kusadasi early August and he looks kind of "Turkish", dark hair, tanned skin, very good looking, nice body and so on. There were a lot of girls.....eehm how shall I put this........veeeeeery interested (If you know what I mean...?) They told him that they preffered a Turkish boy over any tourist guy. So he just let them think he was Turkish and had a great holiday. Wonder what had happened if he told them he was Dutch.............................. :cry:
hi umit audrey here i will email my photos soon have u been in kusadassi this year have u any photos thanks for telling me what to do
yeah i knw some of the boys

shari_mc1 said:
so any one no any of the shamrock and miss them all, cant wait to see u guys soon...take care x :wave:
yeah i knw some of the boys i jus got home on sunday
pure melt bn home wish i cud jus jump on a plane n go bak me n me m8 r goin for 3months nxt summer do u hav ne fotos of the boys i love terry, pj & teo most der mad